Sitemap - 2024 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

Covert wars

Next week could be make or break for Binyamin Netanyahu

Israel and its supporters turn Palestine into a litmus test of democracy.

King Abdullah of Joran caught between a rock and a hard place

Antisemitism threatens Jews, occupation threatens Judaism.

The quest for religious reform goes global.

The Greater Middle East is a ticking time bomb – Part 2.

US President Biden plays high-risk poker with Israel’s Netanyahu

The Greater Middle East is a ticking time bomb -Part 1.

What Jews, Palestinian Israelis, and Turkish Kurds have in common.

Netanyahu and ultraconservatives jeopardise Israeli security.

Netanyahu borrows time by rejecting Gaza ceasefire.

The politics of ‘From the River to the Sea.’

Netanyahu is blinded and cornered by the gathering of increasingly dark clouds.

Israel puts Gaza ceasefire ball in Hamas’ court.

Rafah: Make or break for Netanyahu?

Words matter.

The Middle East totters on the edge of a cliff

Israel and Hamas see Gaza ceasefire negotiations as an existential battle

Israel and Hamas play whack-a-mole.

Biden and Hamas tie Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu up in knots.

The Greater Middle East is a ticking time bomb.

Palestinian security forces are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu clutches at straws.

Aid is at the core of an Israeli-Palestinian struggle to control post-war Gaza.

Netanyahu’s walls are caving in.

Rafah: Netanyahu’s marketing tool and lightning rod

Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Palestinians may be more accommodating than Israelis.

The Middle East: The world’s playground for the privatization of war

Iran may be on the cusp of change. A conversation with Arash Azizi.

Biden may not have enough rope to push his vision of the Middle East

Innocent Gazans pay a heavy price for Hamas and Israel’s disregard for human life.

Gaza war turns Palestine into a potential Middle Eastern lightning rod.

Weaponizing food: Palestinians lose lives, Israelis lose humanity.

The Battle for the soul of Islam: A game of seduction.

Ceasefire talks are about more than a Gaza truce and prisoner exchange.

Netanyahu’s ‘Day After’ Gaza Plan is a Non-starter

Soccer incidents call into question fundaments of Saudi-Iranian detente

Israel puts Qatar in the crosshairs as Hamas reasserts itself in Gaza.

Crunch time may be around the corner as Gaza ceasefire talks stall.

First Qatar, Now Saudi Arabia: Time for Activists to Rethink

Flying under the radar: China tightens grip on Uighurs.

Blinken finds a hardened political landscape as he tours the Middle East

Qatar’s Gaza war mediation may be a double-edged sword.

Iran facilitates Biden’s support for Israel. Israel makes it increasingly difficult.

UNRWA pronounced guilty until proven innocent. Palestinians pay the price.

International court ruling likely to shape Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange talks.

Looking for fig leaves: Israel and Hamas negotiate terms of a ceasefire.

Hardliners ride high in the Middle East

A casualty of war

Escalating Red Sea tensions and citizen boycotts trap US in Catch-22.

Israeli shift in military tactics threatens to be a double-edged sword.

The Gaza war is set to spill onto the streets of Western cities.

History repeats itself with the assassination of a Hamas official.

Gaza war calls Middle East de-escalation into question.