Sitemap - 2012 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

Ground-breaking election of Saudi soccer chief masks Arab revolt fears

Syria bags Pyrrhus victory on the soccer pitch

Pitched Battles: The Role of Ultra Soccer Fans in the Arab Spring

Bin Hammam banning puts AFC marketing contract in the firing line

FIFA focuses on Bin Hammam’s management of the AFC after dropping bribery charges

Agreement with UEFA bolsters reformists in troubled Asian soccer body

Security forces attack Azeri fans in Tehran stadium

ITUC: Qatar agrees to trade unions amid region’s call for greater freedom

En privé, les ultras égyptiens se préparaient aux manifestations (JMD on So Foot)

Israeli measures fuel international anti-Israeli soccer protests

AFC focusses on election rather than reform

Bin Hammam and AFC future on the line in KL (JMD quoted on AP)

Naciones del Islam: el fútbol, trinchera de lucha, revolución, vida y muerte

AFC executive committee meets to discuss sweeping reforms to root out corruption

Morsi fails to prevent renewed street battles between Egyptian police and ultras

Egypt considers splitting premier league to reduce fan attendance

Qatar faces double-barreled attack as Singapore company moves into the firing line

Sanctions dash Ahmadinejad’s hope to boost his image through soccer

Malaysian court drops charges against Bin Hammam associate

FIFA investigates Bin Hammam’s financial management of AFC

A Region in Turmoil: Threats to Gulf Energy and Shipping

Algerian soccer violence signals mounting discontent

The issue of Arab Jews: Manipulating a Justified Cause

Politics overshadow African championship final

Revolt in the Middle East: Arab monarchies next?

Beyond the Pitch: World soccer’s political battles (WSG v JMD)

AU returns the Middle East and Africa’s most abused stadium to soccer

World Cup qualifier: A battle for Iranian women’s rights

Divided AFC blasts Bin Hammam’s ‘intimidation tactics’

Weakened Ahmadinejad seeks to revive his fortunes with soccer

Royal bid for AFC presidency unlikely to succeed

Ultras force indefinite suspension of Egyptian soccer league

Qatar’s love affair with France consummated with soccer

EFA to improve relations with ultras amid mounting clashes

Palestinian striker accuses Israel of torture

Egyptian soccer fan’s anti-corruption campaign gathers steam

Arrest of ex-Portsmouth player spotlights soccer as a jihadist recruitment tool

Clash of Spanish soccer giants produces Palestinian victory

Soccer: A barometer of Al Shabab’s retreat in Somalia

Singapore court to hear appeal in disclosure of sources case

Militant soccer fans score political victory

Questions raised about GHF’s ability to fund Leeds United

Qatar engages workplace safety NGO to counter trade union boycott

Political tensions build in Egyptian soccer

Trade unions hold Qatar responsible for workplace deaths

Singapore court orders journalist to reveal sources

Football: Bin Hammam blogger ordered to reveal sources

What future for Leeds United? Manchester City or Portsmouth FC?

Impact of Anti-US Protests: Healthy Change in the Muslim World

Podcast: JMD in conversation with Jens Weinreich (in German)

Kurds monitor upcoming FIFA decision on Kosovo

Wie ein Journalist Mohamed Bin Hammam bekämpft

Iran accuses WSG of overpricing in breach of international rules

Egyptian soccer fans secure second political victory

Malaysian police make first arrest in Bin Hammam case

Fink: Dorsey case is a waste of time

A division of labor: ultras wage parallel battles to shape Egypt’s future

Middle East protests: ultras settle scores, Islamists seek to score points

Freedom of press under threat as WSG sues sports journalist James M. Dorsey over Bin Hamma saga

World Sports Group sues journalist in bid to squash reporting on Bin Hammam

Middle Eastern soccer investment: clubs skyrocket or dive

Egyptian ultras emerge as powerful political force

Striker Abou-Treika – a symbol of Egypt’s convoluted political transition

Ultras and Egyptian security forces gear up for renewed confrontation

AFC reports stolen Bin Hammam payment documents to police

Cyyberwar: JMD in Politiken

African soccer executives oblivious to winds of change

Soccer match to test Egypt’s shift from street to parliamentary politics

FIFA investigates: World Cup host Qatar in the hot seat

Egyptian politics after Mubarak - JMD on CNA

The Arab Revolts: Impact on Central Asia

Reinstituting Egypt’s Premier League: A Political Tug of War

Identity politics shape Middle Eastern and North African soccer

Soccer weaves a thread through Syrian rebels and Assad forces

The Arab Spring Revisited: From Mass Protests to Local Revolts

Can football unite Muslims and Christians in Egypt?

Turkish soccer club pioneers new funding strategy

Desert Growth: Football in the UAE

Conflict in Syria: The Regional Fall-out

Egyptian president asserts power in Sinai and on the pitch

Afghanistan’s Future: Civil War or Soccer Rivalry?

Turkey and Syria: The Kurdish dilemma

The Syrian Crisis: Russian Policy Risks Wider Conflict

Gut organisiert und fanatisch - der Kick und die Politik (JMD on German radio)

The Arab world in turmoil: Nasser’s legacy reprise

FIFA suspension of Bin Hammam buys time

Fink: Bin Hammam verdict raises questions (JMD quoted)

Court questions integrity of FIFA proceedings against Bin Hammam

Qatar and UAE hire fired AFC Bin Hammam associates

Bin Hammam audit opens Pandora’s Box

Egyptian military uses soccer ban to undermine ultras

FIFA moves closer to investigating Qatar’s World Cup bid

Soccer takes center stage in Egyptian struggle for power

AFC dashes Bin Hammam’s hopes for a return

How Al Ahly's Football Fans Defended Egypt's Revolution (JMD quoted)

Egyptian ultras hint at renewed clashes with security forces

UAE extends Iran sanctions to the soccer pitch

Fink: Oman and the FIFA double standard (JMD quoted)

Sports governance: Altering basic attitudes

Singapore cuts Iran fuel oil imports as sanctions kick in (JMD quoted)

Amid development failures, some see reduced foreign aid as a boon to Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia to allow women to compete in London Olympics

The man at the epicentre of Egyptian football (JMD quoted)

Sudanese anti-government protests mushroom

The Arab Revolts and South East Asia: What Impact and What Influence?

Egypt: Heading for more turbulence

International pressure persuades Israel to release Palestinian player

Syria: Saudi Arabia’s policy conundrum

Dissident Syrian soccer player reflects protesters’ greater religiosity

What's Next For Syria? (JMD on CNA Radio)

Palestinians call for taking UEFA tournament away from Israel

Gunmen kill former Syrian FA president

Playing for nationhood

UPDATE 1: Singapore leans on oil firms to stop Iran trade - JMD quoted on Reuters

Blatter, FIFpro call for release of imprisoned, hunger striking Palestinian player

Human Rights Group denounces Qatari exploitation of World Cup workers

A sleeping dragon awakes:Kurds Take Centre Stage in West Asia

Militants play soccer in support of hunger striking Palestinian player

Hunger striking soccer player threatens Israeli-Palestinian deal

Qatar World Cup hosting victory still faces serious challenges

Global Sporting Events: Battlegrounds for Human Rights

Conservative Christians and Muslims campaign against Muslim women’s soccer headdress

Egypt election offers youth and soccer fans second chance

JMD Webinar May 29 12:00 EST

Qatari Olympic women athletes spotlight Wahhabi schism

Islamistes-football, le match qui secoue l'Afrique (JMD on France TV)

Syrian soccer star symbolizes games importance in protests

Join JMD at May 29 Webinar 1200-1300 (CST) Soccer as an Engine of Change and Assertion of Identity

AFC puts Iran on the spot on women’s rights

Manchester City victory threatens to strengthen Middle Eastern autocrats

Islamist power politics threaten clean-up of Turkish soccer

Saudi imams warn against mixing of sports, politics and protest

Egyptian military’s loss of popularity brings ultras in from the cold

Trade unions reject World Cup-related Qatar labor measures and threaten global boycott

Expert (JMD): Iran and Six powers have common interests in extending talks

Qatar to legalize trade union as Saudi Arabia pushes closer Gulf cooperation

Mounting Israeli soccer violence reflects fading hope in Palestinian peace

Conflicting visions of society spark Israeli and Egyptian soccer violence

Soccer meets politics at Doha’s Mohammed Abdul Wahhab Mosque (Play the Game)_

Expert: Israel's pressure to have little impact on the "Iran-Six powers" negotiations (JMD in Trend)

Turkey and Tehran: Caught between a rock and a hard place (JMD in Turkish Review)

Beitar Jerusalem fans beat Jewish musician for protesting against their racism

JMD on Al Qaeda on The Daily Journalist

UAE cancels soccer match amid mounting tension with Iran

Middle Eastern buying spree changes European soccer landscape

Spain’s economic crisis creates opportunity for Al Jazeera

Egyptian feminists challenge militant soccer fan chauvinism

Arabs boycott Adidas as public displeasure shifts from the West to China

Newsman, academic disagree on 'S’pore model' for West Bank (JMD quote)

Expert (JMD): Lack of confidence on both sides prevent Iran and U.S. from holding talks

Is “Death to Arabs” just another football chant? (Guest column)

Israel arrests Palestinian soccer players

The struggle for Syria: Iran-Qatar Ties Come under Stress

Saudi Arabia compensates for Iran's shortfalls, but it has its Achilles heel - expert (JMD)

Storm in a headscarf: FIFA was wrong to ban hijabs in soccer

Middle East looms large at FIFA Executive Committee meeting

Expert says Iran to hit back at Gulf States, if attacked by U.S. or Israel (JMD)

Collaboration with Mubarak costs Vodafone soccer sponsorship and fans

Turkey's relationship with Iran goes far beyond oil - expert (JMD)

Soccer fan attack on Palestinians sparks Israeli debate

Pitch is neutral zone for Syrians chasing Olympic dream (JMD quoted on DPA)

Egyptian soccer riots set to spread from Port Said to Cairo

Egypt’s powder keg: Meting out punishment for Port Said

Conservative Saudi crown prince endorses female participation in Olympics

Syrian TV accuses FC Barcelona of aiding anti-government rebels

Israeli MK calls for treating soccer hooligans like alleged Palestinian terrorists

Egyptian and international soccer figures grasp for ways to reduce Egyptian soccer violence

Alcohol debate shines light on divisions in Qatari society

Iranian interference in soccer federation election puts FIFA on the spot

Rival Egyptian ultras warn Egypt’s military rulers in rare show of unity

EFA cancels Egyptian league for security and political reasons

Ahmadinejad loses not one but two elections with re-election of Iranian soccer boss

Soccer in Guantanamo – a duel between Republicans and Democrats

Muslim players win hijab battle in their struggle for women’s rights

Bahrain’s 10:0 against Indonesia puts both nations in the political hot seat

Lebanese victory boosts national unity and spotlights Gulf problems

Algeria bans soccer matches during parliamentary elections

Lebanon employs soccer in bid to reduce threat of spill over of Syrian violence

Egyptian striker Zidan highlights post-revolt transition problems by calling Mubarak father

Likely cancellation of Egyptian league sparks violence debate and fears for club solvency

Revealing picture of Tunisian-German midfielder fuels debate about political Islam

Human Rights Watch condemns Saudi restriction of women's sports

Crooning goalkeeper leads Homs protests

AFC presidential election bears risk of renewed embarrassment

Which way will China jump on Syria?

Ultras call for retaliation as parliament blames fans and security for Port Said deaths

Port Said deaths send businessmen, politicians and clerics scrambling

Ignoring social media at your peril (AJF News)

China Needs to Change Mideast Foreign Policy: JMD on Bloomberg

Port Said helps forge bridges and reopens fault lines in Egypt

EFA clean-up unlikely to satisfy Egypt’s ultras attacking interior ministry in Cairo

Ultras haben nach Einschätzung von Experte Mubarak gestürzt - «Diese Leute sind furchtlos»

Port Said boosts youth and soccer demands for civilian rule in Egypt

Egypt's Soccer Tragedy: Prelude to a Military Crackdown?

Ultras play into the hands of the military by default or by design

Ultra Violence - How Egypt’s soccer mobs are threatening the revolution

Resignations deepen rift among Turkish Islamists and country’s soccer crisis

Arabische Liga - Schattenboxen mit Teheran (JMD quotes)

Saudi Arabia builds stadium to accommodate women

Turkish soccer crisis dents Erdogan’s political prospects

Feinde im Hass vereint (JMD quotes in German)

Egypt One Year On: Stark Message for Arab Revolutionaries

Islamists vow to one-up ultras with clean-up of Egyptian sports

Coca Cola ad becomes anthem of Tunisian national soccer team

Egypt suspends soccer matches in anticipation of protest anniversary clashes with ultras

Qatari doubts about alcohol boosted by unlikely allies: World Cup hosts Brazil and Russia

Beitar Jerusalem Decries Israel Football Association Penalty for Racism

Qatar pledges to adhere to international labour laws in walk-up to 2022 World Cup

Lebanese-Syrian soccer qualifier serves as barometer of troubled relations

Debate questions emir’s powers to shape Qatar’s positioning as a sports hub and sponsor of revolts

Troubled Beitar Jerusalem eyes IPO as police investigate IFA on match-fixing charges

كرة القدم: ساحة معركة في العالم العربيّ (JMD in Le Monde Diplomatique (Arabic)

Saudi Arabia embraces Salafism: Countering the Arab uprising?

Alcohol ban raises specter of problems for Qatar’s hosting of 2022 World Cup

Beitar Jerusalem appeals punishment for its fans’ racism

Somali women basketball team defeat The Jihadists: 1:0

Year of Dragon could be China’s time to lead Asia (JMD Quotes)

Debt fuels Turkish soccer but threatens country’s economic growth