Sitemap - 2011 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

Lebanese soccer unites (briefly) deeply divided nation

French women groups protest FIFA decision to endorse hijab

Protest is proving beneficial to North African soccer performance

Libyans have sporting chance (JMD Quoted)

Tahrir and Change Squares: Two Models of Subverted Revolts

Football Seeks Fans (JMD Quoted in Asia 360)

Striker Mohammed Ghadir puts Israeli anti-racism to the test

FIFA endorsement of Hijab proposal may end dispute with Iran and Muslim women

Anti-Syrian soccer protests in Iran position Azeris as potential pawn in Syrian strife

Blatter rules out investigation of Qatar’s World Cup bid

Refurbished Kabul stadium retains memories of Taliban abuse

Egyptian battle lines harden as ultras learn from failures of past Arab revolutionaries

Soccer sparks political rift in Turkey’s ruling AKP

Raising the stakes: Russian military support for Syria

Bahrain halts legal proceedings against protesting sportspeople

Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid comes under renewed scrutiny

Wednesday December 07, 2011


Bahrain military court sentences goalkeeper and other athletes for anti-government protests


Dorsey on Arab Movements and Impacts to Azerbaijan (in English, Turkish and Russian)

Fake soccer websites used to mislead Iran during cyber-attack on its nuclear program

Year of the Arab Uprising: Impact on Southeast Asia

Iranian Azeri soccer protests raise spectre of Turkish-Iranian-Syrian proxy war

Australian soccer boss says Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup is likely to be challenged

FIFA opens door to investigation of Qatar’s World Cup bid

Former national goalkeeper leads chants on Tahrir Square

Play the Game – Developments in Sports in the Middle East

Other face of Tahrir

Randale für die Revolution (JMD in German)

AFC mandates push for compromise on FIFA ban of hijab

Stepping up Sanctions: Arab and Turkish Pressures on Syria

Saudi Arabia to send token woman to Olympics to evade sanctions

EFA hints at renewed suspension of soccer as militants clash with security forces on Tahrir Square

Egypt’s Military Council: Between a rock and a hard place

Ultras bolster protesters in battles on Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Emirates condemns racism in a swipe at FIFA president Blatter

Al Jazeera acquires Egyptian soccer broadcast rights on the cheap

FIFA backs labour union demands for improved worker conditions in Qatar

Algerian soccer doctor supports calls for investigation of doping allegations

Did Algeria dope its World Cup soccer team to distract attention from protests?

AP with JMD quotes: Gadhafi demise revives Libya's Olympic dreams

Labour unions threaten Qatar with global anti-World Cup campaign

Libya demands extradition by Niger of soccer-crazy Qaddafi son

Syrian Uprising: Arab League acts on Damascus

Syria athletes may yet attens Arab Games (JMD quotes)

Syrian goalkeeper emerges as protest leader in embattled city of Homs

Soccer success increases Somali team’s woes

Iran protests Bahrain’s treatment of its soccer team amid reports of terror plot

Bahrain and Iran battle on and off the soccer pitch

EFA backs down on club penalties for militant fan behaviour

Bahraini soccer superstar to stand trial for anti-government protests

Egyptian state TV director suspended for broadcasting soccer fan protest

Everything goes in Syrian crackdown and Syrian soccer

Mounting Israeli-Iranian Tension: Turkey in the Middle

Israeli MP drafts legislation obliging players to recognize Israel as a Jewish state

Bahrain releases teenage Iraqi soccer player

Emirates considers dropping World Cup sponsorship because of FIFA corruption

British MPs call for independent inquiry into Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid

Turkey offers example for cracking down on soccer violence

Fans demand renaming of Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium as Pakistan pledges support of Afghan stability

Dubai bank launches first soccer hedge fund despite mounting fan opposition

Palestine unveils sports plan in effort to further state- and nationhood

Israel and Hamas: A new equation for Mid-East peace?

UAE’s Al Serkal lobbies Gulf to support his AFC candidacy

Prominent soccer executives and players seek compromise on the hijab

Islamists fare well in an Arab world in revolt

Somali jihadists focus on banning women's sports rather than famine

Friday October 21, 2011

Egyptian soccer in uproar over penalties for fan violence

Cairo court postpones verdict against ultras

Parties bet on soccer in Tunisia's first post-revolt election

Middle Eastern power struggle threatens Arab popular revolt

Ultras send mixed signals on continued use of violence

Libyan rebels investigate Qaddafi son for murder of soccer player

Algerian stadiums: hotbeds of anti-government protest

Gulf states capitalize on soccer investments

Saudi arrests Colombian player for wearing sleeveless shirt and Jesus tattoo.

Militant soccer fans suspected of desecrating graves in Israel

An Arab Development Bank: Institutionalising Change in the Middle East

Fußball im Frühling - JMD on Deutschlandfunk (German National Radio in German)

Bahrain and Iran at loggerheads on and off the pitch

Libyan soccer club thrives on revolutionary zeal rather than training

Qatar laments corruption allegations but fails to come clean

Sport fights back: A day of contrasts and defiance

How football fuelled the Arab Spring

Sports court rejects Bin Hammam appeal to be reinstated as FIFA executive committee member

FIFA appoints controversial Bahraini official to 2014 World Cup committee

Al Qaeda-linked militants detain Somali national soccer team player

Soccer-playing Qaddafi son denies Interpol allegations

Arab Protesters and Social Media: Need for Engagement

Awlaki’s death highlights Yemeni president’s increasing irrelevance

Gulf states keep winds of change at bay – but for how long?

Interpol issues arrest warrant for Qaddafi son for soccer crimes

Bradley's job a boost for U.S. credibility - JMD quotes

Western Sahara conflict erupts in violence on the soccer pitch

Embattled Yemeni leader turns to soccer to polish his tattered image

Barcelona endorses $225 million Qatar shirt sponsorship deal

Barcelona revisits Qatar sponsorship deal amid fan protests

FIFA bans Iraq from playing qualifiers at home

Middle East teeters on the brink as Palestine and protests converge

Arab autocrats ignore social media at their peril

Jordanian Prince Ali calls for government support of soccer to confront extremism

JMD in IHT: Social media send governments an urgent and important message

FIFA forces Syrian Football Association elections

Palestinian vote puts US credibility at stake

JMD on Money & Business: Whither Egypt and Libya? (UPDATED LINK)

Investigation of Thai soccer boss puts FIFA’s anti-corruption campaign to the test

Egyptian prime minister praises militant soccer fans

Clashes with police thwart attempt by militant Egyptian soccer fans to build bridges

JMD on BBC World Football: Qatar Takeover of PSG

JMD in NYT: What Kind of Job Is Bradley Walking Into?

Soccer match sparks nationalist protests in northwest Iran

Besiktas-Tel Aviv match reflects Turkish-Israeli reality

FIFA rejects Bin Hammam’s appeal

Violence overshadows Ahly-Esperance African championship match

UNSC vote on Palestine State: US Credibility at Stake

2022 World Cup spotlights strains in Qatari society

FIFA investigates Syrian soccer association

Turkish sport authorities call for restraint during Besiktas match against Tel Aviv

Soccer papers take center stage in battle for press freedom in Sudan

EFA penalizes Al Ahly in bid to stop violent protests by militant soccer fans

Militant Egyptian soccer fans deny attacking Israel embassy

Playing with fire: Gulf Arabs and Israelis tacitly explore cooperation amid Israeli diplomatic tsunami

Militant Egyptian soccer fans lead attack on Israeli embassy and interior ministry

Turkish-Israeli soccer match takes on political significance

FIFA to hear Bin Hammam appeal on September 15

Syria and Bahrain: Two poles of the Arab revolt highlight a slide toward sectarianism

Former FIFA VP portrays Blatter as a dictator

Deep-seated animosity between Egyptian security and soccer fans turns violent

Bin Hammam launches scathing attack on FIFA ethics committee

Is Iran Turning its Back on Syria?

Winners and losers in Libya: Western companies win, Chinese lose

Qatar loses bid for FIFA media agency

China scores fatal own goals in competition for post-Qaddafi Libya

Libyan win in African Cup qualifier celebrates ousting of Qaddafi

Libya flies rebel colours in first post-Qaddafi African soccer match

Myanmar has much to teach autocratic Arab leaders when it comes to soccer

Qaddafi sons: two sides of the same coin?

Bin Hammam associate announces candidacy for AFC presidency

Iranian soccer fans protest government’s failure to rescue Lake Orumiyeh

Libya poses policy challenge to Asian giants

Algerian-Qatari tension over Libya spills onto the soccer pitch

Soccer: a tool to further Palestinian statehood (JMD on BBC)

Syria starts feeling the pain of Western sanctions

Soccer players speak out about their ordeal during Bahrain’s brutal crackdown on protesters

Asian football struggles to shed off-field malaise (Interview with AP)

Soccer-playing Qaddafi son seeks to negotiate ceasefire in Libya

South Africa agrees to replace Libya as host of 2013 Nations Cup in bid to pre-empt Nigeria

Bin Hammam appeals FIFA’s banning him for life from soccer

The colonel's solitude - interview in El Mundo

Damage limitation: China and Russia have options in Libya and Syria but time is running out

US and the Middle East: PR fiasco looms for Obama

How Egyptian and Tunisian youth hacked the Arab Spring

Imminent fall of Qaddafi poses policy challenge for China and Russia

Detention of Qaddafi scion spotlights the soccer pitch as a platform of resistance

Libya at crossroads: A model for the Middle East or a revolution that goes awry?

Rebel advances stop Libyan soccer team in its tracks

Tightening noose leaves Assad substantial room to fight on

FIFA bans Syria from 2014 World Cup

Soccer binds jihadists in Russian terror plot

Syria’s Latakia stadium joins long list of region’s politically abused soccer pitches

Banned Bahrain defender in exile joins Australian club

Bahrain soccer reflects sectarian splits (JMD on BBC World Service)

Somalia soccer seeks Diaspora support as Islamists lose ground

Libyan rebels seek to project image of unity as they advance on Tripoli

Syria fuels schism between Sunnis and Shiites

Bahrain: A headache for Obama and Blatter

Efforts to halt Syrian crackdown focus on crippling economic sanctions

Syria's Widening Protests: Assad increasingly Beleaguered

FIFA indicts Caribbean officials to Bin Hammam’s detriment

Saudi criticism of Syrian president Assad isolates Iran but fails to address key issues

Syrian president unites international community in condemnation of his violence

Saudi women campaign for recognition of right to play soccer

Controversy about Qatar World Cup fuels calls for European summer soccer

Mubarak trial allows military to shape Egypt in its image

Syria arrests national soccer team goalkeeper for participation in anti-government protests

Hama: a tipping point for Assad?

Killing of Libyan rebel commander strengthens resistance to UN condemnation of Syria

Zamalek financial crisis reflects impact of Egypt’s political turmoil on soccer

Role of Arab militaries in popular uprisings

Indict Syrian President Assad, but not now

Inhuman Syrian violence during Ramadan corners Assad internationally

Asian Football Federation moves to dismantle Bin Hammam’s legacy

Assad has few alternatives but violence and more violence

Forgetting lessons of the Holocaust: European, Israeli and Jewish right-wing extremists court one another

Blatter hints for first time that FIFA may investigate Qatar’s World Cup bid

Qatar’s Bin Hammam wins as Asian soccer unit delays replacement election for a year

Commander’s killing creates challenges for post-Qaddafi Libya

US fence straddling fuels anti-Americanism in Syria and Bahrain

UN sanctions threaten to turn Qaddafi held territory into humanitarian disaster zone

FIFA Vice President Jordanian Prince Ali calls for Bin Hammam’s replacement

Jordanian businessman, based in Abu Dhabi, first Arab to chair German soccer club

Qatar’s Bin Hammam, banned for life, faces Asian humiliation

Syrian reform à la Bashar Al Assad: Too little, too late

US debt crisis: The folly of politicians. Don’t they ever learn?

FIFA sincerity put to test in wake of Bin Hammam lifetime banning from soccer

Egyptian soccer body to suspend relegations of clubs

Israel threatens abrogation of Oslo accord in test balloon likely to burst

Syrian Revolt: Protesters at a Crossroads

FIFA looks at investigating Egyptian executive committee member

Egyptian military interests clash with efforts to dismantle remnants of the Mubarak regime

British MP calls for enquiry into Bin Hammam’s role in Qatar World Cup bid

Norway refocuses security, brings post-9/11 decade full circle

FIFA declares Qatar’s Bin Hammam guilty of bribing and bans him for life from soccer

Assumptions are a journalist’s Achilles Heel

Norway Terrorism: Who, why and what does it mean?

Assad’s crackdown strengthens protesters’ resolve leaving him with no real options

Bin Hammam anticipates FIFA ban and sets stage for boycotting hearing

Women’s soccer teams in Saudi Arabia and UAE encouraged to be champions

Arabs see no hope that US policy can or will change

Bin Hammam vows to clear his name with FIFA ethics committee

Qatari World Cup Stadium likely to be world’s most expensive

Netanyahu cautiously supports Syrian revolt but leaves Palestinians empty handed

FIFA’s handling of banned Africans makes Bin Hammam litmus test of fight against corruption

Specter of sectarian violence proves two-edged sword for Assad

Guest Column: Qatar currently unlikely to hold summer world cup with current cooling technology

Closer ties between Somali and Yemeni jihadists threatens oil through the Gulf of Aden

Murdoch and Brooks: Paying the price for the greater good

Protesters seek to thwart Egyptian military designs

Recognition of Libyan rebel council sparks similar moves in Syria and Yemen

American Jewish dove buys soccer club in Israel that racially taunts Palestinians

Saudi king tightens control on soccer by awarding broadcast rights to government television

Planning for a post-Qaddafi Libya: bitter pills will have to be swallowed

Libyan Contact Group in major policy shift on Libya

Arab League exhibits its impotence

Mumbai bombings could prove to be a blessing in disguise

Murdoch’s ultimate litmus test: Can he rise to the challenge?

Withdrawal of bribery allegations fails to take Qatar and FIFA off the hook

Syria and Libya: Lessons in how and how not to support people power

Whistleblower retracts allegation of Qatar bribery of FIFA

Syrian protesters, backed by US, hunker down for long battle to oust Assad

Soccer emerges as the latest football in tug of war between Kuwait’s government and parliament

Zamalek and militants demand release of detained soccer fans in Egypt

Conflicts overshadow South Sudan independence

Etihad Airways in controversial $642 million sponsorship pact with Manchester City, largest deal in soccer history

Montreal women demand right to play soccer wearing hijab, widening controversy

Iraq demands explanation for detention of Iraqi soccer player in Bahrain

Western symbolism and Arab silence likely to backfire in Syria

Israel turns mice into elephants

Disfigured Saleh appears defiant but keeps dialogue door open

Qatar’s Bin Hammam hits out at FIFA and suggests he will fight charges

Fans and sponsors let FIFA president Sepp Blatter get away with murder in soccer

A tightening noose threatens to make Qaddafi more obstinate

Is Assad headed for the International Criminal Court?

FIFA likely to pronounce Qatar’s Mohamed Bin Hammam guilty of corruption

Bahrain tells FIFA no soccer players disciplined in crackdown on anti-regime protesters

Daily slaughter by Assad in Syria raises moral question: Whatever happened to the sanctity of life?

Match fixing puts Turkish soccer economy on hold

UK parliament unit says it is appalled by FIFA’s handling of World Cup bids

Algeria lobbies to replace Libya as host of African Nations Cups finals

US risks missing opportunity to play leading role in Middle East transition

Libyan rebels and Qaddafi move closer to negotiated settlement

British parliament enquiry lashes out at FIFA handling of claims of Qatari bribery

Egyptian goalkeeper lashes out at fans and blames Egypt’s revolution for poor performance

Morocco: Model of successful transition or Arab revolt’s major failure?

Will Hama, Syria’s symbol of defiance, survive Assad power?

Qatar has ambitious plan for Paris soccer club PSG

Hariri indictments doom Lebanon if it does, and doom if it doesn’t

China and Russia redraw international battles lines on Libya

Soccer is at the root of high Egyptian divorce rate

Putting the pieces back together again in Libya

Audience figures for Asian Cup hold out promise for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup

Obama sets himself up for failure in Afghanistan

Qaddafi warrant: Rare unity could backfire on Russia, China

Monday June 27, 2011

Iranian soccer body fires top officials

Obama nudges Israelis, Palestinians to talk. Failure again?

Investigator doubts veracity of British paper’s allegations of FIFA corruption

If Libya threatens to become a no-win for NATO, for China and Russia it’s a win-win

Libyan soccer players defect in symbolic blow to Qaddafi

FIFA looks at investigating Bahrain for government interference in soccer

West hopes deteriorating economy will be Syrian president Assad’s tripwire

Bahraini emerges as frontrunner to succeed Bin Hammam as AFC chief

FIFA security chief calls on Qatar to bar hooligans during world cup

Al Jazeera wins French soccer broadcast rights

Royal Qatar campaign against gays raises questions of gay rights during World Cup

Bahraini soccer player sentenced for participating in anti-government protests

Thursday June 23, 2011

Afghanistan lesson? That kids are smarter than governments

Iranian photographer and women’s soccer rights activist disappears in Tehran

FIFA says it has compelling evidence of alleged bribery by Bin Hammam and Warner

Al Jazeera bids for French soccer broadcast rights

China taking leaf out of Russia’s script for Libya with more activist policy

Dispute over hijab in women’s soccer in Canada, as Muslim youth referee barred

Assad’s speech: Has Syrian tyrant lost his mind?

Saudi Arabia meets challenges of regional protests

EFA decides against bid to host 2013 African Cup of Nations

Syria, pawn in power play by world’s major powers? Yes.

Palestine: Playing soccer for statehood

Moroccan king jumps in front of the cart with bold constitutional change

EFA moves soccer Olympics qualifier against Sudan to Cairo for security reasons

FIFA bans Jordanian women soccer players for wearing the hijab

Syrian tycoon steps aside as Arab rulers seek alternative to crackdowns

Egyptian soccer body calls emergency meeting to curb fan violence

Libya resists pressure to surrender hosting of African soccer tournaments

US relations with Pakistan crumbling fast

Egypt may bid for 2013 African Cup amid mounting violence and anti-corruption campaign

Syria: When does inaction become complicity?

Is Saleh the only man who can ‘save’ Yemen?

Syria casts shadow over Erdogan’s election victory

Tensions between Egyptian soccer fans and players mount over politics and violence

The Middle East six months later: From self-immolation to transformation

Saudi Arabia meets Iranian OPEC challenge head on

Zamelek Ultras' Grafitti

FIFA Disqualifies Iran: JMD on NPR


No good options on Syria for global powers

Jordanian prince mediates Iranian-FIFA dispute in rare gesture towards Iran

Western donor aid threatens to undermine Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions

Blatter has reason not to want a FIFA investigation of Qatar

Ahmadinejad seeks overturn of FIFA ban of Iranian women’s soccer team

Syrian protests becoming armed revolt?

Iran decries FIFA ban as insult to Muslims

Egypt coach Shehata resigns after disappointing African Cup match

Saudi Arabia’s Yemen dilemma

Israel falls into Palestinian trap by killing protesters

Soccer could cost Turkish Prime Minister votes in Trabzon

Iran protests FIFA's ban of the hijab

Benghazi soccer exemplifies the battle between Arab autocrats and their detractors

Renewed and risky Saudi mediation

US deal second major body blow to Al Qaeda

Conflict between Zamalek and Egyptian soccer body spotlights pro-Mubarak officials

FIFA hires former FBI director Louis Freeh to investigate Qatar’s Bin Hammam

Controversial Egyptian soccer coach’s job on the line in African championship match

Palestinian march will test Israel’s resolve

Yemen revolt becomes naked struggle for power

Battle to pressure Syria moves to UN nuclear watchdog

German business has vested interest in Qatar's 2022 World Cup

Qatar buys top French soccer club PSG

Ousted gay referee seeks reinstatement in Turkey

Arab revolt narrows US policy choices

Tehran funeral of acclaimed Iranian soccer player turns into anti-government protest

Big corporate sponsors, chagrined at corruption scandal, urge FIFA to reform

Unions Press Qatar On Inhuman Labor Conditions

Arab soccer officials and media rally around Bin Hammam

Yemen’s ruling GPC stands to win with and without President Saleh

Bin Hammam blasts FIFA decision to suspend him

FIFA temporarily bans Bin Hammam but clears Blatter of corruption charges

US-Saudi differences over Iran widen emerging gulf between longtime allies

Bin Hammam withdraws from FIFA presidential race amid fresh allegations against Qatar

NATO is betting on the wrong horse in Libya: Tribes not defectors could make the difference

FIFA expands corruption probe to include Blatter alongside Bin Hammam

G8 support for Arab change strains Western purses

Dogfight between Blatter and Bin Hammam puts FIFA election in doubt

Arab protests prompt European Union to link aid to reform

Analysis / James M. Dorsey: Yemen’s Saleh takes his fight for survival to the brink

US-Russian differences over Middle East put reset of relations in jeopardy

FIFA launches ethics investigation of Bin Hammam

Who will become al-Qaida’s next leader?

Netanyahu turns Congress into cheerleaders to strengthen his domestic position

Bin Hammam's FIFA hopes dissipate amid Qatar corruption charges

Pakistan moves closer to China as Obama misses opportunity to stabilize US-Pakistani relations

Blatter accuses Bin Hammam of introducing Qatar bagman in FIFA bribery scandal

Somalia’s Islamist Militia Bans Soccer

Obama sticks to his guns in convoluted dance with Netanyahu

Saleh puts ball in GCC and US courts with embassy siege in Yemen capital

Yemen’s Saleh plays cat and mouse with Saudis and US

What does new Al Qaeda leader have in common with Bin Laden (besides being a killer)? - Soccer

Egyptian Interior Ministry threatens to cancel soccer league if fan violence continues

Police disperse soccer hooligans in Algeria

What can Obama do about the brutal Syrian crackdown on protesters? Anything? Nothing?

In a stunning development, Qatar’s Bin Hammam reportedly defends Iran against Saudi criticism

Could Obama-Netanyahu clash produce Mideast peace breakthrough? Maybe

Expected clash puts Obama Mideast policy shift to the test

Will Barack Obama put his money where his mouth is?

US sanctions against Syria constitute risky strategy to increase domestic pressure on Syrian leader

Wednesday May 18, 2011

Blatter takes campaign to Africa amid mounting support for Bin Hammam in FIFA presidential election

Obama effort to recalibrate Mideast policy likely to frustrate reformers and conservatives alike

Egyptian national soccer coach may resign amid criticism for supporting Mubarak

Strauss-Kahn scandal puts European control of the IMF at risk

Failure of Jordanian reform offers roadmap for Arab leaders

Western and emerging nations battle for the future of FIFA

China waits in the wings as US-Pakistani relations rapidly deteriorate

African football body decides stiff punishing of North African clubs for fan violence

Israel and Palestinians Agree to Ease Travel of Palestinian Athletes

Qaddafi and NATO agree on need for negotiations, but on what terms?

Qatar under increased scrutiny with IOC investigation into bribery charges

Escalating Yemeni crisis casts doubt on GCC’s ability to douse Arab fires

GCC expansion threatens to be a road pockmarked with pitfalls

Egypt at a crossroads: The Arab world watches to take a cue from its biggest nation

Allegations of Bribery Could Force Cancellation of Qatar’s Hosting of World Cup

A divided international community gives Assad time to crack down on pro-democracy protesters

Soccer violence in Egypt and Tunisia threatens credibility of militant fans

History’s jury on Osama Bin Laden is still out

CAF to Discuss Tunisian Soccer Violence

Tunisian Clubs Seek Increased Financial Support After Fans Are Banned From Matches

Media & Mass Communications: Efforts by embattled Arab leaders to control news flow fail

Tunisian Fans Disrupt African Championship Match

Restored US military confidence threatens efforts to repair relations with Pakistan

What is in the Bin Laden treasure trove? Data captured in killer’s hideout likely to boost US war with Al Qaeda

Muslim Brotherhood Takes to the Soccer Pitch

Arab economic reform could make political reform look easy

FIFA Discusses Easing Rules on Foreign Players

Egyptian Soccer Boss Resigns Signalling Transition to Post-Mubarak Era

Northwest Africa braces itself for possible Al-Qaeda retaliation for Bin Laden’s death

Fighting a Lost Battle: Bin Laden’s Shoes are too Big to Fill

Israeli Olympics Committee Recognizes Debilitating Effect of Palestinian Travel Restrictions

Al-Qaeda and anti-terrorism industry face a common threat: Survival in a changing world

Iranian Saudi Tensions Spill on to the Soccer Pitch

Bin Laden’s death unlikely to inspire new generation of jihadists

Qaddafi as media star, or media villain? Whatever the answer, he still knows how to play them

Soccer Violence in Egypt Raises Security Questions

Arab Protests: The going gets tough for demonstrators and embattled leaders

Israel puts itself in a corner by jumping the gun on Palestinian reconciliation

Iranian FA Denounces Saudi Efforts to Move Matches To Third Country

Abu Dhabi Women: To Play or Not to Play?

Fatah-Hamas ‘agreement’ returns Palestine to Arab center stage

Tunisian Bans Fans From Soccer Matches

US bets on EU and Turkey to add sting to planned sanctions on Syria

Bahrain Closes Shiite Soccer Clubs and Detains Players

Abu Dhabi Businessman Set to Acquire German Soccer Club

War of words and expulsions notch Up Iranian-Gulf tensions

Soccer Becomes Latest Flashpoint in Saudi-Iranian Cold War

US and Europe prepare to back condemnation of Syria with deeds

Dubai Confirms Acquisition of Spanish Club Getafe

Yemen and Syria put credibility of the international community on the line

Yemeni agreement to GCC proposal positions group as regional mediator

Syria’s brutal crackdown on protesters puts Iran in the hot spot

Like father, like son: Second generation Arab leaders bare teeth and play games with reform

Soccer and revolution

Qatar Saves Barcelona from Selling Celebrity Players

Anti-Government Protests Put Iraqi Hosting of Gulf Cup in Question

Qatar’s Emir Cup Wins Sponsorship by Shell and Sony

Syrian killings: Is this the tipping point?

State-run Bahrain TV Prosecutes Soccer Players and other Regime Opponents

Syrian president opts for sticks with few carrots

Hopes of Al Qaeda’s demise are proving premature

Cairo Football Club Zamalek gets off lightly for fan violence

Dubai Buys Spanish Soccer Club in Bid to Shore Up Its Image

Dubai Buys Spanish Soccer Club

Financial woes of Egyptian football league force Ittihad Alexandria board to resign

Qatari arrest of Swiss TV journalists sparks concern about World Cup press freedom

Iranian support for protests could backfire in Syria and the Gulf

Middle East’s political geography remains shrouded in mystery

Are President Assad’s reforms too little too late?

More Soccer-related Arrests in Bahrain

Libya and NATO-led Allies locked in stalemate

Militant Soccer Fans Demand Resignation of Ismailia SC Board

Breakaway Turkish Cypriots May Compete in Turkish Soccer League

Egypt remands first senior soccer figure for attacking anti-Mubarak protesters

US-backed Saudi Hostility to Iran Likely to Backfire

Iconic Turkish Player Hakan Sukur Runs for Parliament on Islamist Ticket

Middle East looks at creating ‘proper’ football industry

Egypt’s Battles Reverberate on the Soccer Pitch

Sunday April 10, 2011

Soccer emerges as a political force in the Middle East

Saudi Religious Police Target Soccer Players

Zamalek Players Complain They Have Not Been Paid Since October

Egypt Makes Soccer Clubs Responsible for Security

Israeli Court reinstates Beitar Jerusalem docked point

Bahrain Sportspeople Arrested and Sacked for Anti-Government Protests

Tunisia Follows Egypt in Reviving Suspended Soccer League

Egyptian football may face penalty heartache

Egyptian Government Authorizes Resumption of Soccer Matches

Egyptian Soccer Executive Warns League Cancellation Could Bankrupt Clubs

Syria Suspends Soccer Matches Amid Anti-Government Protests

Football Produces for Qatar PR Fiasco Rather than PR Boon

Egypt Pressures CAF to be Lenient on Zamalek After Soccer Pitch Invasion

Ultras deny Invasion of African Soccer Championship Pitch was Political Provocation

Egyptian Militant Soccer Fans Freeze Activity

Ibrahim Hassan Calls for Pitch Invasion in Match Against Tunisia

Zamalek Ultras Disrupt African Soccer Match in Stunning Display of Nihilism

Egyptian Police and Ultras Brace for Clash at African Championship

Religious Fanatics as Rational Actors

Somali Journalist Killed While Covering Soccer Match Amid Heavy Fighting

Egyptian Soccer Players Boycott Training in Protest against Lagging Payment

Soccer vs. Islam: The Battle for Egypt’s Future

Portuguese Coach Queiroz to Sign With Iran

Sunday March 27, 2011

Libyan Islamists stand to gain with or without Gadhafi

Why Iranian football clubs push for control of broadcast revenues

Saudi Drops Yemeni President to Prevent Turmoil from Spilling Across its Border

Football Pitches: A Battleground for North Africa’s Future

Qatar Hopes to Cool Stadiums with Artificial Cloud

Egyptian Team’s Tarnished Image Rides on Soccer Match against South Africa

Soccer Wars: The Battle for the Future of Somalia’s Children

Hitting Gadaffi: More Questions Than Answers

African Soccer Body Bans Matches in Libya and Ivory Coast

Arab Revolutionaries to Play Soccer Friendly despite Historical Animosity

Bin Hammam Challenges Blatter for FIFA Presidency

Palestinian Emerges Against the Odds as Israeli Soccer Star

Egyptian Military Authorizes Resumption of Soccer Matches

Ex Turkish Player Hakan Sukur to Run for Parliament

Former Prisoner Accuses Egyptian Goalkeeper Coach of Beating Him in Prison

Foreign Players Threaten to Leave Egypt Because of Financial Turmoil

Former Soccer Player Leads Libyan Opposition

Bin Hammam Calls For FIFA Pressure on Israel But Stops Short of Launching Soccer Peace Initiative

Juventus Freezes Libyan Stake in Effort to Alleviate Embarrassment

Marketing the goal for Middle East football

Egyptian Reluctance to Restart League is Rooted in Soccer’s Political History

Countering the Impulse to Militarily Support the Libyan Underdog

Turkey Bans Blogger for Hosting Turkish Soccer League Videos

AFC’s Bin Hamman to Challenge FIFA President Blatter in Uphill Battle

EFA Presses Egyptian Military to Authorize Resumption of Soccer Matches

Zamalek Bans Foreign Coaches and Players But Exempts Its Premier Soccer Team

Playing For Statehood

Qatar Creates Sports Security Consultancy

Protests Force FIFA to Move Yemeni Olympic Qualifier Against Singapore to the UAE

Soccer is the Yardstick for North Africa’s Return to Normalcy

Iran Plays on Mounting Tension in Saudi Arabia

Egyptian Players Boycott Training in Protest against Salary Cuts

Zamalek Board Refuses Resignation of its Chairman

Blatter would Beat Bin Hammam on Twitter in FIFA Presidential Election

EU About to Force Italy to Freeze Libya’s Stake in Juventus

Chairman of Zamalek Resigns Amid Criticism of Financial Management

Emboldened Fans Rewrite the Politics of Egyptian Soccer

Football against the dictators

Tunisia Allows Restricted Resumption of Soccer Matches

Change in the Middle East Puts Turkey in the Eye of the Storm

Italian Refusal to Freeze Libyan Assets Deepens Juventus FC’s Embarrassment

Libya to Play African Championship Match Against Comores Despite Regime’s Crackdown

UAE Wins Hosting of 2013 Under-17 World Cup

Juventus and the Gadaffi family

Fans in Libya and Egypt Line Up Differently in Anti-Government Protests

CAF Postpones U-20 Championship Scheduled to Open in Libya

Tunisia Allows African Championship Game in Step Towards Lifting Ban on Soccer Matches

Egyptian Military Team’s World Cup Performance Likely Barometer of Military Performance as Rulers

Soccer and Detained Shiite Cleric Fuel Iranian-Saudi Tensions

Egyptian Soccer Introduces Financial Austerity

Off the pitch and on, Egyptians yearn for lasting reforms

Libyan National Soccer Team Supports Gadaffi

Egyptian Soccer Focuses on Corruption Rather Than Performance

Saudi-Iranian Tensions Spill on to the Soccer Pitch

Tunisia Extends Ban on Soccer Matches

Egyptian Military Under Pressure to Lift Ban on Soccer Matches

Italy may score an own goal with its reliance on Libyan money


Anti-Government Protests Force Second Postponement of Yemen’s Olympic Qualifier

Egyptian Protests Force First Soccer Resignations

Brazilian Club Opens Soccer School in Iran

African Soccer Leaders and Blatter Delay Depriving Libya of U-20 Soccer Tournament

Islamist Seek to Regain Spotlight with Attacks on Soccer and the Olympics

Online Soccer Network Plays Key Role in Eastern Libya

US Embassy Cancels Funding for Egyptian Police Soccer Program

Soccer Politics: Egyptian Police-Owned Team Distances Itself from Hated Police Force

Soccer Salaries: Egyptian Players Threaten to Walk Off the Job

Cameron Visit to Qatar Highlights Differences in Perceptions of Soccer

Opposition Mounts to Potential Cap on Egyptian Soccer Salaries

Gadaffi Prodigy Offers Study in Politics of Middle Eastern Soccer

Islamist Suicide Bombing Kills Somali Star International

Egyptian Soccer Stadiums Emerge as Venue for Sexual Harassment

Saudi Arabia Celebrates Return of King Abdullah with New Sports Channel

Nigeria Compensates Iran for Cancelling Match To Protest Arms Shipment

Tuesday February 22, 2011

CAF to Decide Fate of African Matches Threatened by Political Turmoil

CAF Under Pressure to Take U-20 African Championship Away from Libya

Professional Footballer Leads Pro-Gadaffi Charge in Benghazi

Corruption Investigation Signals Restructuring of Egyptian Soccer

Libyan Soccer Stadium Becomes Safe Haven for Fleeing Turks

Is Democracy a Threat to the World Cup?

Tunisian Soccer Protests Preceded Revolt That Toppled the President

Egyptian Soccer Clubs Urge Speedy Resumption of Suspended League (Updated)

Iran Gets Paid For Nigerian Match Cancellation despite Seizure Iranian Arms Shipment

Libyan Soccer Fans Cheer Gaddafi Son in Tripoli

Egypt to Request Postponement of African Championship match Against South Africa

Arab Revolutionaries to Play Soccer Friendly despite Historical Animosity

Anti-Government Protests Force FIFA to Postpone Yemen Qualifier

Pro-Mubarak Footballers Express Support for Egypt’s Revolt

Queiroz Buys Time With Iran to See Which Way Political Winds Blow

African U-20 Championship Threatened by Libyan Protests and AIDS Test Requirement

Jordan Extends Coach’s Contract in Triumph of Vision over Politics

Egyptian Military Authorizes African Match in Cairo Despite Turmoil

Egyptian Coach under Fire for Supporting Mubarak

Did Soccer Hooligans Assault CBS’s Lara Logan?

Real Madrid to Bring Its Stars to the Gulf

Qatar Denies Seeking to Acquire Manchester United

Opening of Libyan Stadium Set for Confrontation With Anti-Government Protesters

Outspoken FIFA Executive Committee Member Lashes Out at World Cup Bidding Process

Real Madrid Opens Academy in Abu Dhabi

Sports Journalist Asserts Corruption in Qatar’s Winning World Cup Bid

Egypt Cup Cancelled Amid Sharpening Political Fault Lines

Carlos Queiroz Backs Away from Coaching Iran

Online Petition Calls On Qatar to Fight Human Trafficking in Advance of World Cup

Egyptian Protest Leader Highlights Role of Soccer Fans in Ousting Mubarak

Al Ahly Resumes Training, Signaling End of Egyptian Protests

Carlos Queiroz Signs with Iran Amid Mounting Political Tension

Qatar Woes Sam Allardyce and Brad Friedel

South Sudan Faces Uphill Battle in Becoming a Soccer Nation

Glazers Demand £1.8billion to Sell Manchester United

Soccer Flags Fly in Algerian Protests

Anti-Government Protests Reverberate in Algerian Soccer Federation

Foreigners Return to Egyptian League Despite Uncertainty Over Match Resumption

Political Differences Force Extended Suspension of Egyptian Soccer Matches

Bobby Charlton Ridicules Arab Investment Amid Reports of Qatari Purchase of Manchester United

Iran Postpones Tehran Matches to Stymie Anti-Government Protests

Al Ahly Opposes Resumption of Egyptian Matches in Support of Protesters

Iranian Soccer Film Features in Berlin to Protest Filmmaker's Arrest

Qatar to Pay Cash for 2022 World Cup Infrastructure

FIFA Insists Egyptian League Should Remain Suspended

Zidane Says He Backed Qatar to Grow Middle East Soccer

Political Turmoil in North Africa Threatens to Disrupt Africa Cup of Nations

Bin Hammam Set to Challenge Blatter as FIFA President

Ex-Real Madrid Coach Queiroz May Tread in Iranian Political Minefield

Soccer Training Becomes Political Football in Egypt

Former Zamalek Goalkeeper Joins Tahrir Square Protests

FIFA Concedes Qatar and Spain/Portugal Traded Votes in World Cup Bids

Rare Attack on Jordanian Queen Heightens Soccer Tensions

FIFA President Blatter Concedes Round to Rival Bin Hammam

Anti-Government Protests Reinforce Cleavages in Egyptian Soccer

Real Madrid to Open Sports Academy in Saudi Arabia

Qatar Woes Barcelona’s Guardiola as Coach

Zamalek SC Helps Mubarak Government Attempt to Restore Normalcy in Egypt

State-owned Arab TV Networks Employ Soccer to Boost Tarnished Credibility

Egypt Extends Cancellation of Soccer League Indefinitely

Israel Reassures UEFA Over U-21 Amid Turmoil Wracking Egypt

Qatar Reaps PR Flop Not PR Boon from Asian Cup

Qatar Fires Coach in Politically Motivated Move

Talking Revolution

Egyptian Ultra Tactics Evident in the Battle for Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Soccer Fans Key to Imminent Cairo Street Battle

Egypt Crisis Puts African Teams in Financial Jeopardy

Abu Dhabi Says It Has No Plans to Buy AS Roma

US Cable Linking Qatar to 9/11 Dents 2022 World Cup Host’s Image

Thinking the Unthinkable: Is the Gulf Next?

Libya and Algeria Extend Soccer Match Cancellations to Thwart Protests

Sudanese Dissidents Call For Mass Demonstration on Eve of African Tournament

Egyptian Military Bans All Soccer Training

Arab Investors To Cut Spending on European Soccer

Abu Dhabi Bids to Buy AS Roma

Riots Force US Cancellation of Egyptian Soccer Friendly

Wikileaks Disclosures About Qaddaffi Family Spark Cancellation of Soccer Matches

Sudan Protests Fuelled by Student Death Threaten African Cup Tournament

USSF Reluctant To Cancel Egyptian Soccer Match Reflects Muddled U.S.Foreign Policy

Anti-government protests in Sudan Could Threaten African Soccer Tournament

Libya Bans Soccer Matches In Fear of Anti-Government Protests

Egypt vs Mubarak

Blair Jr Hopes to Trade on Tarnished Name as Middle East Soccer Agent

Zamalek Beats Ulinzi While Ahly Tries to Beat Mubarak

Soccer Fans Emerge as Driver in Egyptian Protests

Morocco to Host 2015 African Cup

Israeli Soccer Commentator Under Fire for Alleged Racist Remarks

Activists Use 2022 World Cup to Force Improvement of Qatari Labor Conditions

Algerian Attitudes Toward Egyptian Crisis Colored by Soccer Rivalry

After World Cup 2022, Qatar wins 2015 World Handball Championship

Egypt Blocks Independent Media, Allows Soccer and Illegal File Sharing

US Still Set to Play in Egypt

Al Jazeera Set to Hire Controversial British Sports Presenters

UEFA Awards Hosting of U-21 Competition to Israel

Egyptian Anti-Government Protest Force Cancellation of League Matches

European Clubs See Opportunity in Middle East’s Failure in Asia Cup

Al Jazeera Wins World Cup Broadcast Rights

Soccer Fans Play Key Role in Egyptian Protests

FIFA Unlikely to Stand Up for Women’s Rights in Iran

Gulf States Look at Soccer to Tackle Demographic Problems

The Gloves Are Off: Bin Hammam Calls For End to Blatter’s FIFA Rule

Jordanian Performance in Asia Cup Boosts Business and Women’s Soccer

Government Interference Undermines Middle Eastern Soccer’s Prospects

Should FIFA ban Iran?

Iran Bans Women from Watching Asian Cup in Movie Theaters

Qatar’s Winning of 2022 World Cup Produces First Peace Dividend

Iran Coach Calls for Politics-free Soccer

Dismal Saudi Performance in Asian Cup Sparks Debate

Qatar’s Bin Hammam Wins Round Against Blatter in Escalating Power Struggle

Middle Eastern Nations Rush To Bid on FIFA Tournaments

World Cup 2022 Will Produce PR Boon for Qatar But Little Economic Benefit

Egypt Employs Soccer to Assert Its Nile Basin Water Rights

Demonstrations in Libya and Jordan put Tunisian model to the test

Soccer: A Flashpoint for Deepening Cleavages in Jordanian Society

Qatar Has Upper Hand in Battle for the Future of FIFA

Somali Militants Assert Control by Banning Soccer

Money Talks: Qatar’s FIFA World Cup Bid Fits Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Strategy

Middle East Heralds New Year With Winter of Discontent