Sitemap - 2022 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

Getting it Right: A Post-Qatar Roadmap for Activists

Getting It Right A Post - Qatar Roadmap For Activists

Changing paradigms: Israel’s far-right meets Christian nationalists

Changing Paradigms Israel’s Far - Right Meets Christian Nationalists

Qatar was just the beginning as Middle East eyes Asian sports

Qatar Was Just The Beginning As The Middle East Eyes Conquering Asian Sports

Throwing darts

Throwing Darts - Indonesian Call For Religious Reform Challenges Muslim Autocracy

Off the pitch, Morocco emerges a winner in the World Cup

Off The Pitch, Morocco Emerges A Winner In The World Cup

A curious courtship: Rival Muslims woo Hindu nationalists

A Curious Courtship Rival Muslims Woo Hindu Nationalists

Scoring an own goal: US Middle East policy misses the plank

Scoring An Own Goal - US Middle East Policy Misses The Plank

When Mr. Xi comes to town

When Mr. Xi Comes To Town

Qatar punctures FIFA’s political fantasy

Qatar Punctures FIFA’s Political Fantasy

Hungary’s Victor Orban uses soccer to project Greater Hungary and racial exclusivism

Hungary’s Victor Orban Uses Soccer To Project Greater Hungary And Racial Exclusivism

Protest emerges as a mixed blessing for World Cup host Qatar

Protest Emerges As A Mixed Blessing For World Cup Host Qatar

The Qatar World Cup: Soccer upsets, politics, and sensitive situations

The Qatar World Cup Soccer Upsets, Politics, And Sensitive Situations

A token of appreciation: The Turbulent World's first e-book

Behind lofty declarations, major Muslim and Hindu groups compete for power

Behind Lofty Declarations, Major Muslim And Hindu Groups Compete For Power

US slow walks punitive measure against Saudi Arabia as regional tension spills into Qatar World Cup

US Slow Walks Punitive Measure Against Saudi Arabia As Regional Tension Spills Into Qatar World Cup

FIFA Uncovered: A discussion with filmmaker Miles Coleman about his new Netflix documentary

FIFA Uncovered A Discussion With Filmmaker Miles Coleman About His New Netflix documentary

Ukraine war offers China opportunity fraught with pitfalls

Ukraine War Offers China Opportunity Fraught With Pitfalls

Maneuvering minefields: China’s Xi contemplates visiting Saudi Arabia

Maneuvering Minefields China’s Xi Contemplates Visiting Saudi Arabia

The Group of 20’s Religion Forum: How much is too much balancing? A conversation with Ahmet Kuru

The Group of 20’s Religion Forum: How much is too much balancing? A conversation with Ahmet Kuru

Christian nationalism: A threat to Israeli national security?

Christian Nationalism A Threat To Israeli National Security 1

The Qatar World Cup: Footballing for soft power

The Qatar World Cup - Footballing For Soft Power

Footballing for soft power – A conversation with James Corbett

Footballing For Soft Power - A Conversation With James Corbett

The 2022 World Cup: Qatar's Make-or-Break Moment

The 2022 World Cup - Qatar's Make - Or - Break Moment

Indonesian Muslims gamble on problematic ties to Saudi government vehicle

Indonesian Muslims Gamble On Problematic Ties To Saudi Government Vehicle

The World Cup A Mixed Blessing For Qatari Soft Power

The World Cup: A Mixed Blessing for Qatari Soft Power

The geopolitical minefields of a Turkic world

The Geopolitical Minefields Of A Turkic World

Betting on the wrong horse: The battle to define moderate Islam

Betting On The Wrong Horse The Battle To Define Moderate Islam

Saudi crown prince shifts into high gear on multiple fronts

Saudi Crown Prince Shifts Into High Gear On Multiple Fronts

Muslim piety in Southeast Asia mirrors increased religious traditionalism in the Middle East

Muslim Piety In Southeast Asia Mirrors Increased Religious Traditionalism In The Middle East

Public opinion surveys challenge the image Arab leaders like to project

Public Opinion Surveys Challenge The Image Arab Leaders Like To Project

Debating religion’s role in infusing politics with values, morals, and ethics

Debating Religion’s Role In Infusing Politics With Values, Morals, And Ethics

Creating Building Blocks for Cooperative Security in the Middle East

Creating Building Blocks For Cooperative Security In The Middle East

Returning morals and ethics to domestic and foreign policymaking

Returning Morals And Ethics To Domestic And Foreign Policymaking

Indonesia’s G 20 chairmanship: Balancing on a diplomatic tightrope

Indonesia’s G 20 Chairmanship Balancing On A Diplomatic Tightrope

Putin makes civilisationalism fashionable, Dugin puts flesh on its skeleton

Putin Makes Civilisationalism Fashionable, Dugin Puts Flesh On Its Skeleton

In Turkey, zero problems with neighbours mean multiple problems

In Turkey, Zero Problems With Neighbours Mean Multiple Problems

Gulf security is perilous with or without a revived Iran nuclear accord

Gulf Security In Peril With And Without A Revived Iran Nuclear Accord

Qatar World Cup: An unintended boon for the UAE

Qatar World Cup: An Unintended Boon For The UAE

Revival of Iran nuclear agreement likely to test Middle Eastern detente

Revival Of Iran Nuclear Agreement Likely To Test Middle Eastern Detente

Turkish attempt to reconcile with Assad resembles pulling a rabbit out of a hat

Turkish Attempt To Reconcile With Assad Resembles Pulling A Rabbit Out Of A Hat

Saudi-Egyptian World Cup bid could make Qatar’s experience look like a cakewalk

Saudi - Egyptian World Cup Bid Could Make Qatar’s Experience Look Like A Cakewalk

Israelis and Palestinians agree on one thing: Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity


Unintended Consequences: A heyday for the geopolitics of Eurasian transport

Unintended Consequences - A Heyday For The Geopolitics Of Eurasian Transport

Victor Orban’s eyes may be bigger than his stomach

Victor Orban’s Eyes May Be Bigger Than His Stomach

Winter sports in Saudi Arabia? An unproven concept except for the surveillance aspect

Winter Sports In Saudi Arabia An Unproven Concept Except For The Surveillance Aspect

With Al Qaeda down but not out, killing Zawahiri is symbolic

With Al Qaeda Down But Not Out, Killing Zawahiri Is Symbolic

Drones and transport could reshape Eurasian geopolitics

Drones And Transport Could Reshape Eurasian Geopolitics

Escaping a bear hug: Kazakhstan seeks closer ties to US and Europe

Escaping A Bear Hug Kazakhstan Seeks Closer Ties To US And Europe

Defense reform may be the key to US-Saudi relations

Defense Reform May Be The Key To US - Saudi Relations

The privatization of Haifa Port: India 1 China 0

The Privatization Of Haifa Port India 1 China 0

A double-edged sword: Mr. Biden's pilgrimage to Jeddah

A Double - Edged Sword Mr. Biden's Pilgrimage To Jeddah

Double standards haunt US and Europe in dealings with Turkey and the Middle East

Haunt US And Europe In Dealings With Turkey And The Middle East

Biden goes to Riyadh: Realism may not need to trump principle

Biden Goes To Riyadh Realism May Not Need To Trump Principle

Munich Olympics give way to Soccer v. Jihad

Munich Gives Way To Soccer V. Jihad

New Books Network interview: The Fate of Abraham: Why the West is Wrong about Islam by Peter Oborne

Peter Oborne NBN Interview

Qatar World Cup offers lessons for human rights struggles

Qatar World Cup Offers Lessons For Human Rights Struggles

Saudi religious soft power diplomacy eyes Washington and Jerusalem first and foremost

Saudi Religious Soft Power Diplomacy Eyes Washington And Jerusalem First And Foremost

The World Cup and beyond: Thinking strategically about LGBT rights

The World Cup And Beyond Thinking Strategically About LGBT Rights

China and the Middle East: Heading into Choppy Waters

China And The Middle East Heading Into Choppy Waters

Recognising Israel: Any Asian volunteers?

Recognising Israel - Any Asian Volunteers

The India-Gulf Spat: Protagonists in glass houses

The India - Gulf Spat Protagonists In Glass Houses

Double standards haunt US and Europe in NATO dispute with Turkey

Double Standards Haunt US And Europe In NATO Dispute With Turkey

New Books Network: Interview with Peter Mandaville, editor of Wahhabism and the World

New Books Network: Interview with Peter Mandaville, editor of Wahhabism and the World

Conflict in Ukraine: How long can the Middle East walk a tightrope?

Conflict In Ukraine How Long Can The Middle East Walk A Tightrope

Playing games in NATO, Turkey eyes its role in a new world order

Playing Games In NATO, Turkey Eyes Its Role In A New World Order

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s heady days

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Heady Days

Saudi religious moderation: the world’s foremost publisher of Qur’ans has yet to get the message

Saudi Religious Moderation - The World’s Foremost Publisher Of Qur’ans Has Yet To Get The Message

Ignoring The Middle East At One’s Peril: Turkey Plays Games In NATO

Indian civilisationalism: a potential next flashpoint?

Indian Civilisationalism A Potential Next Flashpoint

Can Indonesia’s Humanitarian Islam inspire a Hindu nationalist equivalent?

Can Indonesia’s Humanitarian Islam inspire a Hindu nationalist equivalent?

Hamas eyes Malaysia as a possible operations base

Hamas Eyes Malaysia As A Possible Operations Base

Deteriorating Israeli-Russian relations: A cautionary message for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey

Deteriorating Israeli - Russian Relations A Cautionary Message For The UAE, Saudi Arabia, And Turkey

Ukraine joins Afghanistan and Yemen in shaping Gulf rivalries

Ukraine Joins Afghanistan And Yemen In Shaping Gulf Rivalries

Contesting Russia requires renewed US engagement in Central Asia

Contesting Russia Requires Renewed US Engagement In Central Asia

A Clash Of Civilisations - The Russian Vs. The Nordic Pavilion At The Venice Biennale

A Clash of Civilisations: the Russian vs. the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Saudi Arabia targets a more Republican Washington

Saudi Arabia Targets A More Republican Washington

Israel’s Ukraine conundrum may have implications for Gulf states

Israel’s Ukraine Conundrum May Have Implications For Gulf States

Iran capitalises on Central Asian vacuum created by the Ukraine war

Iran Capitalises On Central Asian Vacuum Created By The Ukraine War

US-Gulf divergence: Placing risky bets

US - Gulf Divergence - Placing Risky Bets

Applying double standards in Ukraine is a risky business

Applying Double Standards In Ukraine Is A Risky Business

Cooperating with autocrats: When is too much, too much?

Cooperating with autocrats: When is too much, too much?

Cooperating With Autocrats When Is Too Much, Too Much

The 2022 World Cup: Is Qatar Putting its Best Foot Forward?

The 2022 World Cup Is Qatar Putting Its Best Foot Forward

Always a major Middle Eastern power, Israel now takes centre stage

Always A Major Middle Eastern Power, Israel Now Takes Centre Stage

New Books Network Review: Rivals in the Gulf

New Books Network Review: Rivals in the Gulf

NBN Interview David Warren

Autocratic vs. Democratic Islam = UAE vs. Indonesia

Autocratic Vs Democratic Islam = UAE Vs Indonesia

In Saudi Arabia, dance maybe, dissent no

In Saudi Arabia, Dance Maybe, Dissent No

The Gulf crisis has lessons for Vladimir Putin. Not all may work in his favour

The Gulf Crisis Has Lessons For Vladimir Putin. Not All May Work In His Favour

Putin hums ‘Georgia on my mind’

Putin Hums Georgia On My Mind

Ukraine may force Middle Eastern rivals to upgrade their toolkit

Ukraine May Force Middle Eastern Rivals To Upgrade Their Toolkit

New Books Network Review: Islam and the Arab Revolutions

Russian societal tensions are mirrored in Putin’s Orthodox church

Russian Societal Tensions Are Mirrored In Putin’s Orthodox Church

Saudi Arabia and Indonesia: Clashing visions of 'moderate Islam.'

Saudi Arabia And Indonesia Clashing Visions Of ‘moderate Islam’

Ukraine: Middle Eastern states eye cost of hedging bets

Ukraine - Middle Eastern States Eye Cost Of Hedging Bets

Ukraine: Lessons not being learned

Ukraine Lessons Not Being Learned

Imaging the day after a Russian conquest of Kyiv: Not a pretty picture

Imaging The Day After A Russian Conquest Of Kyiv

Middle Eastern states walk a tightrope that Ukraine spins ever tighter

Middle Eastern States Walk A Tightrope That Ukraine Spins Ever Tighter

Ukraine: It’s the new world order, stupid

Ukraine - It’s The New World Order, Stupid

Russia breathes down Middle Eastern necks over Ukraine

Russia Breathes Down Middle Eastern Necks Over Ukraine

Food in Israel divides and unites as much as it shapes identity

Food In Israel Divides And Unites As Much As It Shapes Identity

Ukrainian ripples: Turkey and Israel eye extended cooperation in Central Asia

Turkey And Israel Eye Extended Cooperation In Central Asia

Turkish gold conversion plan likely to falter on lack of public trust

Turkish Gold Conversion Plan Likely To Falter On Lack Of Public Trust

Katherine Harvey, "A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Saudi Struggle for Iraq" (Oxford UP, 2022)

NBN Author Interview: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The Saudi Struggle for Iraq

Israel expands its Iran strategy amid potential social unrest in the Islamic republic

Israel Expands Its Iran Strategy

Holocaust Museum in Indonesia highlights stakes in a battle for the soul of Islam

Holocaust Museum In Indonesia Highlights Stakes In A Battle For The Soul Of Islam

Iranian soccer’s curse: Politics

Iranian Soccer’s Curse Politics

NBN Book Author Interview: Libya and the Global Enduring Disorder by Jason Pack

The Middle East Rush to Bury Hatchets: Is it sustainable?

The Middle East Rush To Bury Hatchets Is It Sustainable

Ukraine crisis could produce an unexpected winner: Iran

Ukraine crisis could produce an unexpected winner-Iran

UAE schoolbooks earn high marks for cultural tolerance, even if that means praising China

UAE schoolbooks earn high marks for cultural tolerance even if that means praising China

Putin’s post-Soviet world remains a work in progress, but Africa already looms

Putin’s post-Soviet world remains a work in progress, but Africa already looms

Kazakhstan, like Ukraine, spotlights the swapping of the rule of law for the law of the jungle

Kazakhstan like Ukraine spotlights the swapping of the rule of law for the law of the jungle

Kazakhstan has lessons for the Gulf

Kazakhstan has lessons for the Gulf

Saudi diplomacy needs flesh on its skeleton of sports and religion

Saudi diplomacy needs flesh on its skeleton of sports and religion

Saudi and Emirati religious moderation inspires few beyond their borders

Saudi and Emirati religious moderation inspires few beyond their borders

Is Kazakhstan Russia’s next Ukraine?

Is Kazakhstan Russia’s next Ukraine

Qatar, like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but unlike Kuwait, cleanses its textbooks

Qatar Like Saudi Arabia And The UAE But Unlike Kuwait Cleanses Its Textbooks