Sitemap - 2023 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

Netanyahu appears increasingly caught between a rock and a hard place.

Israel and Hamas grapple with Egyptian Gaza roadmap

Israel Hamas prisoner talks are mired by politics.

Catching flack: Qatar’s Gaza mediation is a balancing act.

Hamas maneuvering complicates efforts to secure new prisoner swaps.

The Gaza war calls into question the moral rectitude of Western democracies.

The UAE walks an ever-tightening geopolitical tightrope.

The Gaza war’s fog complicates separating the wheat from the chaff.

Counterintuitive Palestinian politics: Is Hamas treading a path paved by the PLO?

Religious leaders strive to become peacemakers, not warmongers.

Gaza divides the wheat from the chaff among religious leaders.

Gaza’s Day After may alleviate suffering but promises to be no panacea.

Israeli and Palestinian war crimes? Yes. Genocide? Maybe. A conversation with Omer Bartov

Israeli and Palestinian obstinance, not settlements, obstructs two-state solution.

Arab and Muslim leaders put limited influence and differences on display.

Whither Hamas? A conversation with hostage negotiator Gershon Baskin

Gaza war drowns out sane voices.

Israel in Gaza: No good options

US Gaza war cost-benefit analysis may reach tipping point.

Biden’s Israeli bear hug is a double-edged sword.

Hamas puts Malaysia in a bind.

Israel may win its battle against Hamas but has already lost the war.

Emotions fuel Gaza war and bury hopes for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Middle Eastern history repeats itself or maybe it doesn’t?

The Middle East may never be the same.

The politics of Saudi and Iranian sports

Reforming Islam-How many ways to crack an egg - A conversation with Andrew March.

Saudi-Israeli deal would be a gamechanger but not for the reasons discussed

Keeping Saudi ultra-conservatism alive and kicking: Meet Sheikh Awesome

The Global Enduring Disorder: A conversation with Jason Pack

Confusion and uncertainty shape debate about US Gulf policy.

Libyan Floods and Fault Lines: A conversation with Ethan Chorin

Gulf sports diplomacy could enter choppy waters.

The Indonesian presidential election produces an unexpected twist.

Arab Winter? What Arab Winter?

The Politics of Middle East Sports: A Conversation with Karim Zidan

Spain’s La Liga challenges Gulf states’ business model

Middle East sports go global with politics in tow.

Saudi Arabia and Israel put a high US price tag on diplomatic relations.

Arab youth seek certainty in religion and tradition.

Indonesia pushes a civilizational approach to countering polarisation.

Saudi soccer: A game of geopolitics and religion, not just sports

The UAE: The Middle East’s Teflon Nation

A Saudi Pastime: Poking the United States in the eye.

Bin Salman toys with religious reform

Indian pundits rally in support of Europe's anti-migrant sentiment.

Autocrats shift gears by exporting repression of freedoms.

Qatar: America’s best friend in the Gulf?

French rioters and Palestinian gunmen send similar messages.

A successful Saudi sports blitz takes more than money.

China and others grapple with understanding what the Wagner Group revolt means.

The US lacks credibility, but all is not lost.

Modi's US visit spotlights America's policy choices.

For Indonesia, sports diplomacy is a double-edged sword.

LGBTQ emerges as a litmus test for limits of Saudi reforms

Rebalancing US-Saudi relations

Saudi Arabia’s high-profile sports blitz is off to a mixed start.

Gulf support for Turkey’s Erdogan is about more than economics.

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Gulf states test the boundaries of their agency

Shiites, not Jews, emerge as a touchstone of Saudi moderation

Culture wars bubble under Arab surfaces

Are Muslim religious conservatism and political Islam making a comeback?

Sudan tests the limits of Middle Eastern de-escalation.

Middle Eastern rivalries are alive and kicking despite de-escalation

Is Central Asia and the Caucasus the Indo-Pacific’s next stop?

Syrian President Al-Assad plays a strong hand in diplomatic poker.

Shaping a 21st-century world order: The nation-state vs the civilizational state

The Qatar World Cup has come and gone, but the debate continues.

The Qatar World Cup Has Come And Gone, But The Debate Continues.

Anglican schism is not just about theology. It’s about geopolitics too.

Anglican Schism Is Not Just About Theology. It’s About Geopolitics Too

In The Black Hole: James M. Dorsey on the Battle for the Soul of Islam

In The Black Hole - James M. Dorsey On The Battle For The Soul Of Islam

Confronting problematic tenets of religious law: Judaism could follow Islam.

Confronting Problematic Tenets Of Religious Law - Judaism Could Follow Islam

Religion inspired the nation-state, but politics made the difference.

Religion Inspired The Nation - State, But Politics Made The Difference

Sports are a potential bellwether of how Middle Eastern states manage their differences.

Sports Are A Potential Bellwether Of How Middle Eastern States Manage Their Differences

The fallacy of a US withdrawal from the Middle East

The Fallacy Of A US Withdrawal From The Middle East

Putting Hindu nationalists on the spot

Putting Hindu Nationalists On The Spot

A battle for the soul of Islam plays out in a Bahrain courtroom.

A Battle For The Soul Of Islam Plays Out In A Bahrain Courtroom

Reforming Islamic jurisprudence shapes the battle to define moderate Islam.

Reforming Islamic Jurisprudence Shapes The Battle To Define Moderate Islam

Unleashing an Iranian tiger

Unleashing An Iranian Tiger

Jihadists target Africa and Afghanistan, but also eye China and Russia

Today Jihadists Focus On Africa And Afghanistan, But They Also Eye China And Russia

Bali governor puts Indonesia on the spot.

Bali Governor Puts Indonesia On The Spot

Arab plan for Syria puts US and Europe in a bind.

Arab Plan For Syria Puts US And Europe In A Bind

China’s Saudi Iranian mediation spotlights flawed regional security policies.

China’s Saudi Iranian Mediation Spotlights Flawed Regional Security Policies

Saudi sports blitz encounters headwinds.

Saudi Sports Blitz Encounters Headwinds

Saudi Iranian détente potentially sparks paradigm shifts.

Saudi Iranian Détente Potentially Sparks Paradigm Shifts

Debates about Islamic reform loom larger as Ramadan approaches.

Debates About Islamic Reform Loom Larger As Ramadan Approaches

Saudi crown prince balances on Saudi-US-Israeli-Iranian tightrope

Saudi Crown Prince Balances On Saudi - US - Israeli Tightrope

Iran upgrades perceptions of Saudi threat

Iran Upgrades Perceptions Of Saudi Threat

Bahrain prosecutes religious reformers: traditionalists fight back.

Bahrain Prosecutes Religious Reformers Traditionalists Fight Back

A US trump card in Gulf geopolitics: capacity-enhancing security cooperation

A US Trump Card In Gulf Geopolitics Capacity - Enhancing Security Cooperation

Saudi sports strategy challenges global sports governors and activists alike

Saudi Sports Strategy Challenges Global Sports Governors And Activists Alike

UAE's mastery of playing both sides against the middle has its limits.

UAE's Mastery Of Playing Both Sides Against The Middle Has Its Limits

Hindu-Muslim dialogue progresses cautiously.

Hindu - Muslim Dialogue Progresses Cautiously

Saudi columnists bolster calls for reform of Muslim religious law.

Saudi Columnists Bolster Calls For Reform Of Muslim Religious Law

India could be this decade’s China.

India Could Be This Decade’s China

Who are genuine Muslim moderates? Separating the wheat from the chafe

Who Are Genuine Muslim Moderates Separating The Wheat From The Chafe

Protest in Iran: A Middle Eastern déjà vu with a twist of irony

Protest In Iran A Middle Eastern Déjà Vu With A Twist Of Irony

Israelis and Palestinians do what they do best, but for the wrong reasons

Israelis And Palestinians Do What They Do Best, But For The Wrong Reasons

Shaping a 21st-century world order amounts to a patchwork

Shaping A 21st - Century World Order Amounts To A Patchwork

‘Saudi First’ aid policy marries geopolitics with economics

‘Saudi First’ Aid Policy Marries Geopolitics With Economics

Stepping back from the abyss: A conversation with Indian Muslim thinker A. Faizur Rahman

Stepping Back From The Abyss A Conversation With Indian Muslim Thinker A. Faizur Rahman

To engage or not engage. Hindus and Muslims suss each other out

To Engage Or Not Engage. Hindus And Muslims Suss Each Other Out

Neither Saudi Arabia nor market concerns dent Dubai’s real estate market

Neither Saudi Arabia Nor Market Concerns Dent Dubai’s Real Estate Market

For the UAE and others, its business as usual with Israel

For The UAE And Others, Its Business As Usual With Israel

Saudi Arabia milks Ronaldo, for what it’s worth

Saudi Arabia Milks Ronaldo, For What It’s Worth

Challenging China: Turkey walks a fine line on repressed Uighurs

Challenging China Turkey Walks A Fine Line On Repressed Uighurs

Ronaldo’s move to Saudi Arabia: A game of one-upmanship

Ronaldo’s Move To Saudi Arabia - A Game Of One - Upmanship

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