Sitemap - 2018 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

Jonathan Fulton and Li-Chen Sim, "External Powers and the Gulf Monarchies" (Routledge, 2018)

JMD on NBN External Powers and the Gulf Monarchies

JMD on ACJS: US’s Iran Sanctions: Mixed Prospects and a Beyond-SWIFT Question

US’s Iran Sanctions: Mixed Prospects and a Beyond-SWIFT Question

Efforts to return Syria’s Assad to Arab fold amount to hollow victory for autocrats

Efforts to return Syria’s Assad to Arab fold amount to hollow victory for autocrats

US troop withdrawals threaten to fuel greater, potentially problematic Gulf assertiveness

JMD on NBN: Securing the Belt and Road

Crackdown in Xinjiang: China and the Islamic world’s Achille Heel

Stepped up US military posture in the Gulf threatens Indian hopes for Iran’s Chabahar port

Gulf rivalries spill onto the soccer pitch

Shifting Middle Eastern sands spotlight diverging US-Saudi interests

US Senate resolution potentially changes Middle East dynamics


JMD on NBN: Aasim Sajjad Akhtar's The Politics of Common Sense

JMD on NBN: Sumantra Bose, "Secular States, Religious Politics, India, Turkey and the Future of Secularism"

Saudi diplomatic offensive seeks to put Khashoggi behind it and thwart Qatar

Nuclear energy; Saudi Arabia’s coming Washington battle

Chinese consulate attack puts Pakistan between a rock and a hard place

The Khashoggi crisis: (Re)Shaping US politics as well as relations with Saudi Arabia

Saudi sports diplomacy: A mirror image of the kingdom’s already challenged policies

The Khashoggi crisis: Saudi Arabia braces for tougher post-election US attitude

Strange bedfellows: Ideology trumps defense of ethnic, religious and minority rights

The Khashoggi crisis: Putting Humpty Dumpty back together

Saudi Arabia and Iran: When it comes to exiles, the pot calls the kettle black

Imran Khan CPEC Diplomacy: Remodelling Trade Politics between Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and China

Reforming the Faith: Indonesia’s battle for the soul of Islam

The Khashoggi Crisis: A blessing in disguise for Pakistan’s Imran Khan

Pakistan and its Militants: Who is Mainstreaming Whom?

MbS: For better or for worse?

A gruesome murder bares world powers’ flawed policies

Khashoggi crisis highlights why investment in Asia is more productive than in the Middle East

Turkey plays Khashoggi crisis to its geopolitical advantage

MbS: Riding roughshod or playing a risky game of bluff poker?

Kazakh court case tests Chinese power

Jamal Khashoggi rejiggers the Middle East at potentially horribly cost

Remodelling the Belt and Road: Pakistan picks up the torch

Pakistani poker: Playing Saudi Arabia against China

Achieving religious harmony in a world of fear and populism

Journalist’s disappearance challenges fragile Middle Eastern pragmatism

JMD on NBN: Samuel Helfont's Compulsion in Religion, Saddam Hussein, Islam and the Roots of Insurgencies in Iraq

Fragility of Middle East alliances becomes ever more apparent

China and the Middle East: Venturing into the Maelstrom

Global watchdog takes Saudi Arabia to task for lax anti-terrorism finance measures

Battling it out at the UN: Potholes overshadow US-Iran confrontation

Attack in Iran raises spectre of a potentially far larger conflagration

Middle Eastern Black Swans dot China’s Belt and Road

The Two-Trillion Bubble: What Aramco IPO reveals about MBS’s 2030 Vision

JMD on NBN: Saudi Inc. by Ellen R. Wald

China struggles with Belt and Road pushback

Party vs Faith: China drafts restrictions for all religions

JMD on NBN: Courtney Freer on Rentier Islam

Turkic Muslims: China and the Muslim world’s Achilles Heel

The battle for Idlib: A potential Catch-22 for China

Criticism of Saudi leadership seeps through cracks as report questions kingdom’s utility for Britain

The long shadow of the Gulf crisis: Qatar emerges as key player in Gaza crisis

Madiha Afzal: Pakistan Under Siege

Self-fulfilling prophecies: Chinese fear attacks by Uyghur jihadists

Playing politics with religion: Imran Khan puts himself between a rock and a hard place

Crunch time in Pakistan

Regional players manoeuvre to reengineer the Israeli Palestinian landscape

Transition in the Middle East: Transition to What?

Turkey’s financial crisis raises questions about China’s debt-driven development model

Pakistan at a crossroads as Imran Khan is sworn in

Amid ethnic protests, Iran warns of foreign meddling

The Uyghur militant threat: China cracks down and mulls policy changes

Yemen war challenges Saudi moral authority

NBN Book Review Podcast of With Us and Against Us by Stephen Tankel

Saudi Arabia and Iran woo incoming Pakistani prime minister

Multiple diplomatic spats raise questions about Saudi concept of sovereignty

Trouble in Sport Paradise: Can Qatar Overcome the Diplomatic Crisis?

Can the US make Iran sanctions stick?

Big power competition in the Eastern Mediterranean: Is Trump missing the point?

Talking to Rouhani: Is Trump shooting from the hip or following a script?

Despite concerns, China sees a potential ally in Pakistan’s Imran Khan

Lack of global leadership spurs instability in the Middle East

Saudi oil shipment halt: A potential watershed in the Yemen war

China’s policies spur Central Asians to cautiously chart independent course

Securing Xinjiang: China adds security component to Belt and Road initiative

Saudi-UK media tie-up: Targeting the non-Arabic-speaking Middle East

A double-edged sword: China and Pakistan link up with fibreoptic cable

Russian Hackers: The shadowy world of US and Gulf hacks just got murkier

Pakistani elections spotlight the country’s contradictory policies

Xinjiang: Pan-Turkism fuels China’s hearts-and-minds campaign

Xinjiang: China ignores lessons from the past

Whither Wahhabism?

Pakistan’s financial crisis puts Belt and Road on the spot

Combatting political violence: Pakistan’s determination is put to the test

The battle for Iran: Policy or regime change?

Saudi religious diplomacy targets Jerusalem

The Middle East: History threatens to repeat itself

Shooting oneself in one’s own foot: Pakistan’s failed effort to evade terrorism finance listing

Iran’s Chabahar port is where Asian and Middle Eastern rivalries collide

Malaysian-Saudi relations: A lesson in the pitfalls of authoritarianism and autocracy

Indonesian Muslim leader signals global shifts in meetings with Pence and Netanyahu

Eurasianism wins in Turkey even if ideologue loses election

The Saudi-Moroccan spat: Competing for the mantle of moderate Islam

Morocco may have lost the World Cup but could lead the way in protest

Israel adopts abandoned Saudi sectarian logic

Saudi Arabia drags geopolitical baggage on to the World Cup pitch

Whither the Kurds?

Parallels between Turkish soccer and general elections could prove uncanny

Saudi effort to isolate Iran internationally produces results

Israel scores painful own goal in run-up to the World Cup

Jordanian protests: Revisiting the Arab Spring and setting a benchmark

King Abdullah of Jordan: Balancing on an ever-tighter tightrope

2018 World Cup potentially set to become latest Middle Eastern battlefield

Politicizing Education: Israel and Myanmar set worrisome precedent

Mahathir’s reforms could put Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the spot

How much solidarity with Iran can the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization afford?

2018 World Cup offers Chechnya opportunity to play Middle Eastern politics

Middle Eastern culture wars: The battle of the palates

Dodging UN and US designations: Hafez Saeed maintains utility for Pakistan and China

What to do with Pakistani militant Hafez Saeed? Pakistan and China grope for ambiguity

The battle for the Iranian nuclear deal: China approaches a watershed

Ex-Pakistani Prime Minister puts Pakistani military and China on the spot

Trump’s abrogation of Iran deal may put his America First policy to the test

Middle Eastern rivalry spills onto Asian soccer pitches

SPACE SCIENCE AND THE ARAB WORLD Astronauts, Observatories, and Nationalism in the Middle East

Playing US sanctions: China walks a fine line in Iran

Saudi Moroccan soccer spat symbolizes the Arab world’s new politics

May 12: A potentially future-shaping day for the Middle East

Gulf crisis escalates as major corporations are forced to take sides

Shifting energy import patterns enhance China’s clout in the Middle East

Astronomy: The outer frontier of MbS’ liberalization

Geopolitics magnify sustained political violence in Balochistan

Algerian controversy over Salafism puts government control of religion on the spot

Saudi engagement in Iraq: The exception that confirms the rule?

The Saudi Export of Ultra-conservatism in the Era of MbS – an Update

Rolling back militancy: Bangladesh looks to Saudi in a twist of irony

Turning Qatar into an Island: Saudi cuts off its nose to spite its face

The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of the Politics of Middle Eastern Soccer

Remembering Syria: Iran struggles with potentially explosive environmental crisis

Moderating Islam: Saudi Prince Mohammed walks on shaky ground

China moves to counter violent and non-violent expressions of Uighur identity

Anticipated harder US policy towards Iran magnifies Iranian Arab protest

Egyptian ultras: Down but not out

Will the real Pakistan stand up, please?

Natural gas: An underrated driver of Saudi hostility towards Iran and Qatar

Make Wine Not War: Wineism’s recipe for a sustainable political future

Saudi Prince Mohammed’s religious moderation unlikely to change Asian realities

Saudi moderation: How far will Crown Prince Mohammed go?

Shooting an Own Goal: China’s Belt and Road funding terms spark criticism

Countering Extremism: Jihadist Ideology Reigns Supreme

Pakistan struggles to get a grip on militancy and ultra-conservatism

Smoking and drinking: Churchill sets an example today’s Western leaders can learn from

International soccer bodies ignore blatant rule violations in run-up to Egyptian election

Arabs leverage lucrative nuclear contracts to enhance security and keep options open

The Middle East’s nuclear technology clock starts ticking

China’s dilemma: Balancing support for militants with struggle against political violence

Gulf crisis upends fiction of a separation of sports and politics

Valentine’s Day pinpoints limits of Saudi prince’s Islamic reform effort

China’s step into the maelstrom of the Middle East (JMD in EAF)

Expanding regional rivalries: Saudi Arabia and Iran battle it out in Azerbaijan

Surrendering a Brussels mosque: A Saudi break with ultra-conservatism?

Chinese extradition request puts crackdown on Uyghurs in the spotlight

Crisis in the Maldives: A geopolitical chess game

Asia’s dark underbelly: Conflicts threaten long-term stability and development

Double-edged sword: Opinion poll shows Trump’s Iran policy risks

Tackling Pakistani madrassas An uphill struggle

Moderating Saudi Islam: Government proposes tightening fundraising rules

How regional rivalries threaten to fuel the fire in Syria and Iran

Kidnapping and ant-Shiite rhetoric stirs Malaysian debate about Saudi-inspired ultra-conservatism

Testing Prince Mohammed’s pledge to return Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam

Iran: Protests and threat of renewed sanctions focus economic thinking

Whither Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ‘moderate’ Islam?

Gulf crisis turns Qatar into the ‘region’s Israel’

Chinese engineer’s disappearance takes on geopolitical significance

Sovereign wealth funds: Investment vehicles or political operators?

Salafi mission calls into question Saudi concept of moderation and policy in Yemen

Iranian protests expose contours of leadership in the Muslim world

Saudi sports: The dark side of Crown Prince Mohammed’s reforms

Pakistani politics risk aggravating problems and heightening regional tension

Covert wars: Iran and Saudi Arabia revisit their strategies

A game of chess: Gulf crisis expands into the Horn of Africa

Iranian protests raise tricky questions for US and Saudi policymakers