Sitemap - 2017 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

Betting on the wrong horse? US and Iranian hardliners spin anti-government protests

Chess Tournament puts Sports Governance and Saudi Change under the Microscope

Challenging the Saudi Crown Prince: Alwaleed bin Talal toughs it out

The Killing of Ali Abdullah Saleh - Is Peace in Yemen Possible?

Trading Jerusalem for Iran

US-Saudi nuclear talks: A barometer for whither the Middle East?

Arab anger: Governments and protesters walk a fine line

China leverages Belt and Road investment to shape Pakistan’s political environment

Tackling Sunni Muslim ultra-conservatism: A Pakistani-US collision in the making

Trump's recognition of Jerusalem: Letting a genie out of the bottle

Qatari Wahhabism vs. Saudi Wahhabism and the perils of top-down change

Egyptian President Al-Sisi steps up repression to cover policy failure

Saudi Arabia’s Lebanon gamble may pay off

'UK and Saudi Arabia are interested in changing the perception of the war in Yemen' - James M. Dorsey on Radio Sputnik

Gulf Crisis Creates Opportunity for Asian Nations (JMD on Pragati)

Targeting Islamic scholars from Malaysia to Tunisia, Saudia Arabia puts itself in the bull’s eye

Trouble in sport's paradise: Can Qatar overcome the diplomatic crisis?

Qatar 2022 – are the hosts getting a fair hearing? (JMD quoted on Play the Game)

Tackling Corruption: Why Saudi Prince Mohammed’s approach raises questions

Commercial terms call into question China’s win-win Belt and Road initiative

Saudi Prince Mohammed’s Achilles Heel: Misreading tea leaves in Washington

FIFA on Trial: Qatar’s World Cup back in the firing line

Transition in the Middle East: Transition to what?

Saudi-UAE push to mobilize tribes against Qatari emir

Did they or didn’t they? The battle for control of Brussels’ Grand Mosque

Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s return to Lebanon: A moment of truth

Arab media: Saudi purge promises tighter control

Murder in The Hague: Saudi-Iranian proxy war heats up

Getting the Saudi fight against corruption right

Saudi Crown Prince’s unprecedented power grab could come to haunt him


Arrested Saudi Prince Has Been a Major Academic Donor (JMD quoted in Al-Fanar Media)

The Middle East: It will only get worse

“A smart city on steroids” — what will it be like to live in Saudi Arabia’s $500bn digital oasis, Neom? (JMD quoted on Verdict)

Oil Majors to Increase Exploration CAPEX for 2018 (JMD quoted in Rigzone)

Saudi Crown Prince’s Mass Purge Upends a Longstanding System (JMD quoted in NYT)

Saudi crackdown raises spectre of wider spread dissent

Palestinians cry foul at FIFA decision (JMD quoted in Al-Monitor)

Gulf crisis: Soccer trumps politics

Its image at risk abroad, Qatar backs labor reforms at home (JMD quoted on Reuters)

In shadowy covert wars, Iran takes centre stage

Saudi women gain access to stadiums: More questions than answers

Palestinian football chiefs hit out at FIFA over Israel decision (JMD quoted in Arab News)

Crown Prince Mohammed’s vow to moderate Saudi Islam: Easier said than done

Saudi Arabia Is Open for Business, but Not Everybody’s Buying (JMD quoted in NYT)

Activists and Gulf crisis turn Qatar into potential model of social change

Egypt’s football Ultras fight on in battle over stadiums (JMD quoted in New Arab)

Gulf crisis broadens definitions of food security

Kurdish battle positions Kurds as US ally against Iran

Countering supremacy: Johor Sultan battles Muslim equivalent of Islamophobia

Saudi Arabia's Revolution From the Top Has No Place for Critics (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

Soccer success has a price: Pressure builds to lift Egypt’s stadium ban

US-Turkish visa spat: A fight for basic freedoms

Battling for independence: Small states stake their claim

Playing with Fire: Israel and its problematic friends solidify ties

Women’s driving: Saudi ultra-conservatives lick their wounds

Stick to Sports? No Thanks. (JMD on Press Row)

Malaysian launderette owner stirs Asian hornet’s nest

Repeal of women driving ban tests Saudi reform drive (JMD quoted on AFP)

Women’s driving: Saudi Prince Mohammed’s litmus test

Washed up: Malaysian launderette refuses non-Muslim customers

Shaping Eurasia’s future: Unintended consequences of abrogating Iran’s nuclear deal

Testing the waters: Saudi women get one-time access to a stadium

Trump’s chaos produces results: Gulf states upgrade ties to Israel

Signs of hope in the Middle East? Don’t hold your breath

Saudi Crackdown on Dissent Wins Backing From Religious Body (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

Rohingya plight feeds Muslim assertiveness

Tackling the elephant in the room: the incestuous and inseparable relationship between sports and politics (JMD on Play The Game)

Jihadist support for Rohingya puts Pakistan and China on the spot


Iranian-Syrian World Cup qualifier ripples far beyond the pitch

BRICS potentially strengthens Trumps hand in tackling Pakistani support of militants

The Gulf crisis: Fighting it out down and dirty

Variations on a theme: The Gulf crisis settles into a family squabble

Trump's Afghan Military Solution Will Fail (JMD on The Real News Network)

Book review: The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer (International Review for the Sociology of Sport)

Pakistan’s security issues

Trump draws geopolitical battle lines in South Asia

Football: Second religion of the Middle East (MEE Book Review)

Little-Known Qatari Sheikh Embraced by Saudi in Sudden Move (JMD quoted on Bloomberg

Food for thought: UAE ambassador’s hacked mails feed crucial policy debates

Reducing Middle East tensions? Saudi-UAE moves hint at willingness to engage with Iran

China contributes to doubts about Pakistani crackdown on militants

The Gulf crisis produces snail-pace social change and a dangerous arms race

Gulf media wars produce losers, no winners (Corrected version)

The Gulf crisis: Qatar’s 2022 World Cup moves into the firing line

Playing with Fire: Trump’s Iran policy risks cloning North Korea

Playing both sides against the middle: Saudi engages with Iraqi Shiites

Strife in Jerusalem: Fears of popular revolts bring Israel and Arabs together

The Gulf crisis: A lesson in reputation management

The Gulf crisis: Small states battle it out (SSRN Working Paper Part 1)

Qatar scores, at least on the soccer pitch

US moves against Iran raise spectre of wider regional conflict

How will the Qatar crisis affect internal Palestinian politics? (JMD quoted on Diwan)

The Gulf crisis: A battle of megalomaniacs

The Gulf crisis: Fake news shines spotlight on psychological warfare

CORRECTION: Calls for Stripping Qatar of World Cup suggests Gulf crisis at a stalemate

The Gulf crisis: A coming out of small states

Should small states act like small states? (JMD quoted in Straits Times)

All the UAE’s men: Gulf crisis opens door to power shift in Palestine

Left with no choice: Egypt allows fans to attend international soccer matches

Extremism report puts Saudi Arabia and British PM May on the spot, strengthens Qatar in Gulf Crisis

Qatar: A case study for the role of small states in international relations

Gulf crisis set to escalate

Gulf crisis stalemate fuels fears in Muslim Asia

Crisis puts future of Saudi reforms and GCC in doubt

“El fútbol es una estrategia de seguridad para Qatar” (JMD in El Pais)

Saudi-UAE demands challenge fundamentals of international relations

FIFA’s new rule to fight racism in football (JMD quoted)

Saudi Prince Has Throne in His Sights. Now for the Hard Par (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

The Rise of a Prince Ends Doubts Over Saudi Arabia’s Direction (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

Gulf crisis ties global soccer governance into knots

The rise of Mohammed bin Salman: A mixed blessing?

The Gulf Crisis: Southeast Asia has seen it all before

The Gulf Crisis Grappling for a face saving solution

Qatar Crisis Mediators Expect Saudi, U.A.E. Proposals Soon (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

Stepping up the pressure: Saudi strong arms Muslim nations to take sides in Gulf crisis

The longer the Gulf crisis lasts, the higher the stakes get

Gulf crisis: A battle for the future of the Middle East and the Muslim world

On Qatar, Pakistan walks a diplomatic tightrope (JMD on Al Jazeera)

Gulf Crisis: Rewriting the Political Map?


Qatar World Cup 2022: Tournament's sanctity a bargaining chip for Gulf foes (JMD quoted on CNN)

Crisis in the Gulf: Escalation or negotiation?

Muslim Asia caught in the middle as diplomatic row rocks Middle East (JMD quoted on Reuters)

Saudi ‘power play’ leaves Qatar facing two difficult options – and even fewer allies (JMD quoted in Globe and Mail)

Gulf crisis: Surrender or dig in for the long haul


Saudi-Led Alliance Moves to Isolate Qatar Over Iran Tensions (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

Saudi-UAE campaign to isolate Qatar and Iran puts Muslim nations in a bind

US takes step towards embrace of Gulf plan to destabilize Iran


Policy differences emerge among Gulf states days after wooing President Trump

Two conferences spotlight Muslim world’s struggle to counter militancy

One Belt, One Road: A plan for Chinese dominance and authoritarianism

Palestinians lament FIFA's delayed decision on settlement teams (JMD quoted in Al-Monitor)

Conflict in the Middle East threatens Pakistan and lynchpin of China’s One Belt, One Road

Rising Iranian-Pakistani tensions render Pakistani policy unsustainable

Palestine puts FIFA in a bind

Pakistan caught in the middle as China’s OBOR becomes Saudi-Iranian-Indian battleground

Blasphemy and Terrorism: Catchall Phrases to Repress Dissent

Sheikh Amhad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah quits after being implicated in FIFA bribery, corruption probe (JMD interviewed on ABC)

Kuwaiti Sheikh Ahmad: The rise and fall of political corruption in international sports

The pope in Egypt: Tiptoeing through a minefield

Saudi ultra-conservatives take anti-reform stand on women’s sports

Rouhani’s defeat in upcoming election to put nuclear deal at risk‎ (JMD quoted on Trend)

Trump and China risk sparking dangerous Middle East arms race

King Scales Back Austerity Plan That Set Saudis Grumbling (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

Settlements and Soccer (JMD on Peace Now podcast)

Pakistan’s lurch towards ultra-conservativism abetted by Saudi-inspired pyramid scheme (Part 2)

FIFA Congress: An Israeli-Palestinian battleground

Towards a New World Order in Eurasia: The 21st Century’s Great Game (Part 2)

Sport, culture and entertainment: Driving tricky Saudi change

The Long Read: Beyond the Beautiful Game: Football as a Means for Control and Protest by Michael Warren (Review San Francisco Review of Books)

Towards a New World Order in Eurasia: The 21st Century’s Great Game

Saudi-Iranian rivalry fuels potential nuclear race

Pakistan in the hot seat as general takes command of Saudi-led alliance

Mixing politics and sports: Turkish soccer campaigns for President Erdogan

Defeating the Islamic State: A war mired in contradictions

Middle East Soccer: Trump’s Israel-Palestine peace making put to the test

Protest in Iran: The murky geopolitics of soccer

Spreading the Gospel: Asian Leaders Wary of Saudi Religious Diplomacy

Pakistani military engagement: Walking a fine line between Saudi Arabia and Iran


Walking a tightrope: China maneuverers between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Sunni ultra-conservatism and Western populism: Two sides of the same coin


The Post-2011 Arab World: Change is the Name of the game (JMD on Mobilizing Ideas)

Asian ports: Pitfalls of China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative

Whither the Muslim World’s NATO?

Bowing to pressure: Iran grants women spectators access to sporting event

Challenging the state- Pakistani militants form deadly alliance

Militants put half-hearted Pakistani counter-terrorism at crossroads

Women’s gyms lay bare limits of Saudi reforms

EXCLUSIVE - Going into politics: Detained Pakistani militant tests the system

Trump pressured to confront Pakistan on support for militants

Protecting Militants: China blocks UN listing of Pakistani as a globally designated terrorist

Tackling Iran: Trump fuels the fire

Pakistani crackdown: One hand works to neutralize the other

The Muslim world: Liberals pay the price for Trump and Saudi-supported illiberalism

Qatar’s World Cup sparks battle for legal, social and political reform

Trump’s presidency bolsters autocrats as Egypt designates soccer icon a terrorist

Creating Frankenstein: Saudi Arabia's ultra-conservative footprint in Africa

Qatari backtracking on labour rights and cooperation with Russia reflects new world order

Qatar and the 'Voiceless Victims' mystery (Reposted by

Islamic State Violence fuels culture wars and widens generation gaps

Think that 2016 was a tough year for Saudi Arabia? Wait till you see 2017