Sitemap - 2016 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

The Globalist’s Top 10 Books of 2016

Towards a New World Order in Eurasia? The Role of Russia and China

Trump’s Middle East: Back to the Future

Istanbul bombings: Soccer in the bull’s eye

Has the Gulf cleaned up its act before Qatar 2022? (JMD quoted in The World Weekly)

Trade unions challenge FIFA and Qatar World Cup in Swiss Court

Qatari and FIFA pledges on worker rights have little impact on construction companies

What to be Improved in the Arab World?

Soccer privatization: A template for Saudi reform

Palestine threatens CAS claim over West Bank clubs (JMD quoted in Global Arbitration Review)

Human Rights Watch and FIFA test Middle East fallout of Trump’s election

Qatari soft power efforts: two steps forward, one step backwards

Qatar calls into question its sincerity in pushing World Cup-driven reform

Reformist Saudi prince bounces up against flawed education system and ingrained social mores

Creating a legal precedent: Palestine considers suing Israel in international sports court


Taking on militants: A fight for the soul of Pakistan

Fighting Militants in Pakistan: Who Is In Charge?

Under pressure, Egyptian president promises change

Pushing the envelope: The World Cup and Arab revolts drive change

Threat of widespread protests justifies continued closure of Egyptian stadia

Blasphemy case highlights devastating impact of Saudi ultra-conservatism on Pakistani society

A study in soft power strategy: Iceland 1, Qatar -1

Siria, entre bombas, sueña con el Mundial (JMD quoted in El Economista)

Rare agreement between Saudi and Iranian Islamic scholars: soccer poses a threat

Fighting for the Soul of Islam: A Battle of the Paymasters

Israeli-Palestinian struggle returns to the soccer pitch

Struggling for Women’s Rights: International Sports Associations Duck the Gun

Politics and Soccer in the Middle East (JMD on Football Scholars Forum)

Egypt hopes soccer will help polish its tarnished image

Book launch Lost in Transition: Comparative Political Transitions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East

BOOK LAUNCH: Comparative Political Transitions between Southeast Asia and the Middle East and North Africa (Remarks by Teresita Cruz-Del Rosario)

Turkey’s Travails: Purges Worsen Ankara’s Democracy Deficit

Middle Kingdom eyes abigger role in the Middle East (JMD quoted in Straits Times)

Gulf autocrats and sports corruption: A marriage made in heaven

Creating Frankenstein: The Saudi Export of Wahhabism - Remarks at 2016 Exeter Gulf Conference

FSF September: The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer with James Dorsey

Do African, Eastern European athletes make better Arab Olympians? (JMD quoted on Al Arabiya)

With mosques under surveillance, IS turns to soccer for recruitment

Soccer investments’ reputational risk catches up with UAE

Political Violence and Sectarianism in Pakistan

MR Book Club: The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer (SB Nation review)

Is Saudi Arabia Zion?

Saudi Arabia projects change, albeit at a snail’s pace

Seeing the Mid-East through football (Review of JMD book)

Erdogan vs. Gulen: Power struggle comes full circle in Turkish soccer

Creating Frankenstein: The Impact of Saudi Export of Ultra-Conservatism in South Asia (Part 1)

Turkey’s anti-Gulen campaign: Strengthening militants and jihadists

Why do Middle Eastern countries fail at the Olympic Games? A lack of female athletes (Guest column)

Get over it and Move on! (Response to Charles Kestenbaum

Awarding World Cup to Qatar is insanity (Kestenbaum responds to Engel)

The Qatar World Cup viewed from the other side of the globe (Guest Commentary)

Who is Fethullalh Gulen? A modernizer or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Port Said emerges as Egypt’s focal point of soccer-driven protest

Sports: A barometer of Saudi reform

Time for FIFA to Make Things Right: Correcting Current Injustices (A Guest Commentary)

Jihad v. Soccer: The Islamic State’s convoluted love-hate relationship

US adds to pressure on Qatar to move on labour reform

The Long Read: Beyond the Beautiful Game: Football as a Means for Control and Protest (Book review on LSE Blog)

Militants Raise Stakes in Saudi Arabia With Back-to-Back Attacks (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

Saudi soccer crisis: A microcosm of what reform means for the kingdom

Religious conservatism redefines symbolism of national sports teams

Volleyball in Iran: A litmus test for women’s rights

Egypt inches towards return of militant fans to stadium terraces

شيوخ الكويت يخوضون معاركهم الداخلية في عالم الرياضة (JMD in Al Jarida)

Kuwaiti rulers fight their internal battles on the sports field

Power in Turkey: Islamist power struggle returns to the pitch

Iran doubles oil exports since sanctions lifted (JMD quoted on Azernews)

Men’s hair takes centre stage in battle over legitimacy of political Islam

What happens when Arab autocrats are left to fend for themselves? Turmoil Galore

Il calcio ai tempi dell’Isis (JMD quoted in Undici)

Turkish soccer brawls: The battle for the future of the Kemalist state

Putting One’s Ear to the Ground: Rumblings of Mounting Discontent

Washington Post recommends The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer

Award winning journalist tells UCFB Wembley students of close relationship between football and politics in the Middle East (JMD at UCFB)

Playing politics: The AFC gets tied up in knots

Turkey and Egypt: The Battle to Control Dissent Pitches Fans against Autocrats (JMD in Research Turkey)

The Bin Ladens: A Saudi Bellwether

Leaked interior ministry memos highlight differences within Egypt’s regime

Turkish stadiums: A contested political battleground

Women: A Benchmark of Saudi and Iranian Reform

Egyptian soccer fans set stage for growing anti-government protests


FIFA, Human Rights and Politics: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards

Obama in the Gulf: Opportunity in Troubled Relations

Saudi player’s public haircut spotlights kingdom’s existential dilemmas

Recognizing fan power, Egypt’s regime boosts calls for security sector reform

European soccer duel: A proxy battle between Qatar and the UAE

Saudi Prince Sees ‘Significant’ Progress Toward Yemen War End (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

Amnesty International criticism returns Qatar to square one (JMD on Play the Game)

AFC rehires former executive accused of seeking to destroy corruption-related documents

ILO to Qatar: Put your money where your mouth is or else

Terrorism and Euro 2016: What the ISIS Attacks Mean for the Upcoming Soccer Tournament (JMD quoted on

Turkish soccer pitches tell the story of hardening fault lines

Russia, Iran strive for larger energy cooperation (JMD quoted in AzerNews)


Creating Frankenstein: Saudi export of wahhabism (JMD in The Korea Times)

Football is a Political Weapon in Turkey (Guest column)

Jihadist Soccer: Contrary Visions of a Future Syria

Release of dam water important step to save Lake Urmia, expert says (JMD quoted on AzerNews)

Creating Frankenstein: The Saudi Export of Wahhabism

Soccer v. Jihad: A Draw

Inside the FIFA Presidential Election: Covert Campaigns and Ghosts of FIFA Past (JMD quoted in World Soccer)

Iran's newly-elected parliament to focus on economic rehabilitation, growth (JMD quoted on Azernews)

The Middle East and North Africa: A 30-minute whirlwind tour

Iran ambitious to become car making hub in Mid-East (JMD quoted on Azernews

Bahraini’s soccer defeat: A cautionary tale for autocrats

Saudi Arabia’s Future: Will Al Saud’s Partnership with Wahhabism Hold?

Scheich Salman Al-Khalifa und der Folter-Verdacht (JMD quoted in Berliner Zeitung)

Salman’s moral rectitude or everything you wanted to know about FIFA but never dared to ask

Conviction of Egyptian soccer fans slams door on potential political dialogue

Is Saudi Arabia wavering on sending troops to Syria? (JMD quoted in Christian Science Monitor)

Saudi Arabia’s Syria strategy: Rewriting the Middle East’s Political Map

A litmus test for Iran on the world stage: sports and air transport

Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Battle for Hegemony that the Kingdom Cannot Win (JMD Lecture)

Mired in problems: Egypt’s president reaches out to ultras

Subtle policy changes could reinforce Qatari focus on sports

China & the Middle East: Tilting Towards Iran?

China tilts to Iran as Xi caps visit with 17 accords (JMD on CNBC)

Pressure builds on Sheikh Salman to respond to human rights allegations

Chinese President's Middle East Tour: JMD on China Radio International

Xi eyes multiple goals on Middle East visit (JMD quoted in The Straits Times)

The Middle East: China Venturing into the Maelstrom

Kuwaiti rulers fight it out on the pitch

Saudi-Iran tensions overshadow Asian soccer tournaments (JMD quoted on AP)

Saudi Arabia uses soccer to isolate Iran

Ethnicity, Tribalism, and Pluralism in the Middle East and North Africa: Solutions to Conflict? (MEI Insight)

Soccer highlights domestic drivers in Saudi-Iranian dispute