Sitemap - 2015 - The Turbulent World with James M. Dorsey

Soccer: Iranian moderates and hardliner lock horns on the pitch

Trade unions test Qatari sincerity with demands for labour reform

Turkish-Russian tension set to spill onto European pitches

FIFA’s human rights litmus test: Will it clean house?

Fearful of protests, Egypt keeps stadia closed

Future of Islamic State: Not Merely Religion

Soccer unites China and UAE in pursuing global ambitions

Qatar’s World Cup hero becomes invisible man (JMD quoted on AFP)

Qatari labour reforms: Words but no actions

Le Golfe contrôle (JMD quoted in Liberation)

Breeding intolerance: Turkish soccer fans disrespect Islamic State victims

Soccer is Politics (JMD in The American Interest)

Soccer: Jihadists seek to exploit widespread sense of abandonment

Targeted Paris stadium symbolizes pitfalls of war against the Islamic State

Bahraini players’ support for Salman raise more questions than answers

Embattled World Cup host Qatar sends mixed messages

UAE chairman of Manchester City pressures UK to crack down on Muslim Brothers

AFC president’s FIFA presidential bid mired in abuse of human rights allegations

Turkish soccer offers Erdogan headaches instead of voters in walk-up to election

FIFA ‘resistant to wholesale reforms’ (JMD in Today)

New Qatari labour law: too little, too late

AFC Salman’s FIFA candidacy puts integrity checks to the test

Why has Israel gone quiet over ISIS? (JMD quoted on Al Arabiya)

Egyptian soccer fans put youth disillusion with elections on public display

OECD holds FIFA responsible for Qatari World Cup-related labour conditions

Israel suspends Israeli-Palestinian encounters on the pitch

A testimony to failed autocracies: Eritrean soccer team defects

Intervention in Syria: Russia Gambles Big Time

Racist Israeli soccer fans in the firing line

Syrian soccer: Succeeding against the odds (JMD on Aljazeera America)

World Cup qualifying: Japan beat war-hit Syria (JMD quoted on CNN)

Am Sabbat bleibt das Stadion leer (JMD quoted in Die Zeit)

Ein Tod in Athen – das Rätsel um Herbert Amry (JMD quoted)

Amid civil war, Syria pushes to qualify for World Cup for first time (JMD quoted in USA Today)

2022 World Cup sparks labour reform, just not in Qatar

Israel, Iran and Beijing’s delicate balance (JMD quoted in The Arab Weekly)

Staunch Sisi supporter calls for opening of stadia and dialogue with ultras

Fighting Islamic State: Getting Down To Root Causes

FIFA to rescue of troubled Saudi King Salman

Middle Eastern conflicts spill onto Spanish soccer pitch

The Gulf: Not All That’s Gold Glitters (JMD in Middle East Perspectives)

Two Indians abducted in Libya (JMD quoted in The Hindu)

Saudi Arabia’s Reach in Yemen: Fighting for Regional Dominance


Religious support for Qatari labour reforms puts Gulf states on the spot

Militant soccer fans are on a roll across Eurasia

Egypt throws the dice with partial lifting of stadia ban

The Middle East in Transition: Repression, Discontent and the Role of Football (JMD on movements@manchester)

Israel’s fault lines spill onto the soccer pitch

The Middle East: Who says popular quest for change has been quelled?

Turkish soccer supports Erdogan’s war against the Kurds

Is Hamas Winning the Gaza War? (JMD in Global Education Magazine)

Mid-East Debate Turns to ISIS Longevity (JMD quoted in The Media Line)

Thinking the Unthinkable: Coming to Grips with the Survival of the Islamic State

Militant soccer fans claim responsibility for Cairo bombing

Saudi Arabia and Iran: Volatile Political Geography of Oil and Minorities

Victory in Yemen (Over Drug Smugglers) (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

A Turkish stadium harbours a stark message for multiculturalism

Israel and Palestine play high stakes soccer

Israel struggles with racist underground

Yemen Conflict and Arab Uprising: Regional Fissures and Repercussions

Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah, le cheikh faiseur de rois de la FIFA (JMD quoted in Le Monde)

Mega Events: Qatar is too hot, Beijing has no snow

Qatar’s quagmire: existential fears and missed opportunities

AMarriage on the Rocks? Saudis Look Beyond U.S. After Iran Deal (JMD quoted on Bloomberg)

The Cairo derby: Politics vs. repression

‘Sports bodies must be monitored to end corruption’ (JMD in Today)

Israeli soccer violence moves racism up the government’s agenda

Anti-Chinese Protests in Turkey: Relations with China Under Test

More Corrupt Than FIFA: A Brief History of Syrian Football

Fan opposition to Qatar goes viral

Unprecedented Israeli action against Jerusalem club’s anti-Arab/Muslim racism

Re-configuring the Middle East: IS and Changing Demographics

FIFA’s Blatter unwittingly pinpoints soccer governance’s prime issues

Egyptian soccer player criticizes Sisi in reflection of mounting discontent

Pitfalls of Turkish-Chinese relations in a microcosm

Countering political violence: Tackle the root causes

Soccer's global corruption crackdown: should the AFC worry? (JMD in South China Morning Post)

A Study in Contrasts: Militaries in Political Transitions in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa

Advisory Council rejects labour reform as Qatar stiffens its back

The Middle East and North Africa: Adapting to a New Paradigm

Departure of AFC general secretary: Business as usual in a swamp of corruption allegations

ILO condemnation of Qatar likely to have ripple effects

Druze Mount next flashpoint in Syrian conflict: Implications for Israel

Stadium construction: A political barometer

ANALYSIS: One year since IS took Mosul, how fares the fight? (JMD quoted on Middle East Eye)

Reforming soccer governance: Tackling political corruption alongside financial wrongdoing

Keep the World Cup in Qatar even if it bought its way in (JMD in Arab Weekly)

Asia Central to Picking Next FIFA Chief (JMD quoted on Reuters)

Iran’s writing on the wall: Ethnic minorities and others assert themselves

Asian Football: A Cesspool of Government Interference, Struggles for Power, Corruption and Greed

Blatter enables AFC to keep its skeletons under lock and key

Stung by FIFA furore, Qatar's soft power at risk (JMD quoted on Reuters)

Qatar nervous amid threat to 2022 World Cup (JMD quoted in Financial Times)

Qatar’s unintended sporting legacy: A FIFA clean-up, exposure of political corruption, and corporate sponsor rethink

Middle East and North Africa: Forcing China to Revisit Long-standing Policies

A shrewd financial investor, Qatar boasts dismal return on investment in soft power

Egypt’s targeting of football star may be a step too far (JMD quoted on Middle East Eye)

Red card for the ultras (JMD quoted in The Economist)

Can FIFA's Blatter prevent Israel's suspension from international soccer? (JMD on Al Jazeera America)

Qatar backtracks on engagement with critics

Egypt court bans diehard 'ulta' football fans (JMD quoted on Middle East Eye)

Egypt court bans popular, hard-core 'ultra' soccer fan clubs (JMD quoted on Associated Press)

Egypt bans ultras in bid to break anti-government protests

Ethnic tensions spill onto Iranian soccer pitches

Saudi Arabia Is Making Its First Real Attempt to Be a Military Power (JMD quoted on Bloomberg

Thinking the Unthinkable: Coming to Grips with Islamic State

"Fußball war hier entscheidend" (JMD in TAZ)

AFC suspends General Secretary as it keeps damning audit buried

Aboutreika: Bridging Egyptian polarization or signalling a shift in attitudes?

Indonesia steps to protect maids may fall short (JMD quoted on CNBC)

Qatari promises of labour reform ring hollow amid revived corruption allegations

AFC’s Salman re-elected amid renewed corruption and governance questions

HARESH SAYS: When (AFC) silence is not golden

Political Violence: Retiring the Word Terrorism

Velappan questions why probe video was not reported (JMD quote in Malay Mail)

Alleged AFC cover-up effort highlights Asian soccer’s lack of proper governance

Malay Mail: Explosive ‘tamper or hide’ AFC probe video surfaces / Soosay: Where’s this coming from, why now?

Israel chides club for racism in bid to fend off FIFA suspension

Egyptian death sentence for soccer fans puts president’s iron grip to the test

Global Soccer’s Backslapping, Backstabbing Backroom Deal-making Politics

Questions about Qatar’s World Cup hosting get renewed boost

Egypt moves closer to labelling soccer fans as terrorists


Militant soccer fans: Egypt’s Hans Brink plugs the dam against radicalization

Iranian Arab soccer pitch emerges as flashpoint in Saudi-Iranian proxy war

ILO victory boosts Qatari hopes of defeating efforts to deprive it of World Cup

Gulf Alliances: Regional States Hedge Their Bets

Contours of future Israeli-Palestinian battles emerge on the soccer pitch

Soccer riots reflect long-standing discontent in Iran’s predominantly Arab Khuzestan

How Qatar is its own worst enemy

Attempts to ban Egyptian militant soccer fan group gather momentum

FIFA president Blatter signals mounting pressure on Qatar to tackle migrant worker problems

International sports associations caught between $ signs and human rights ideals

Netanyahu’s Congress Speech: Manipulating the Middle East’s security architecture (JMD in MEI Insight)

Blatter’s call on Iran to allow women into stadia reeks of opportunism

Soccer fields: A waystation en route to the Islamic State

Egyptian spectator ban: flashpoint for conflict and statement of weakness

Soccer racism highlights Europe’s struggle with transition and entrenched racism

Soccer deaths renews spotlight on Egypt’s notorious security forces

Why do so many Egyptian soccer fans die in confrontations with police? (JMD quoted on Global Post)

Death of Zamalek fans in riot stirs political conspiracies in Egypt (JMD quoted in The Guardian)

Egypt's Ultras: 'We don't believe in state justice' (JMD quoted on Al Jazeera)

UAE embarks on global campaign to market its brand of autocracy

Passionate, violent, powerful: The phenomenon of Egypt’s Ultras (JMD quoted on Al Arabiya)

"Die Ultras haben für ihre Regimekritik bezahlt" (JMD in Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

Football versus the Egyptian State (JMD quoted in Middle East Eye

Soccer Stadium Stampede Kills at Least 25 in Egypt (JMD quoted in The New York Times)

Soccer deaths raise stakes for Egypt’s general-turned-president Al Sisi

Keen to project a progressive image, the UAE picks its battles

Sports associations step up pressure on human rights violators

Qatar asks for time to implement labour reforms

Tug-of-war among Islamists behind Libya hotel attack: Experts (JMD quoted on AFP)

Egypt appoints controversial UAE hired gun as elections monitor

Government and Fans Battle in Court and on the Pitch in Egypt and Turkey (JMD in Research Turkey)

UK search for Jihadi John spotlights recruitment role of soccer

AFC official ‘happy’ to bar women spectators from stadia

Soccer soft power: A double-edged sword

Conflicting views of Islam spill onto the soccer pitch

Oil money is making pro soccer look a little different (JMD quoted in Global Post)

Turkish soccer body penalizes Kurdish club amid mounting tensions

Turkish soccer: Illiberal President Erdogan’s latest victim

Women’s Sporting Rights: The battle is in Philadelphia… and Riyadh

Deaths in Paris: Separating Fact from Fiction

Asian Cup Politics: more than just a game

Deaths in Paris: Refining the Post-9/11 Model

Qatar Football Association backs Blatter over Prince Ali for FIFA post (JMD quoted in Doha News)

JMD on Play The Game: A vote for Prince Ali is a likely vote for change – and for challenge

GCC abandonment of unified labour contract puts onus on Qatar

Setting benchmark in battle for statehood: Palestine plays in Asian Cup